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Nov 30, 2005
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My gym has just introduced one of these machines, I had a trial go today and love it. Has anyone else used this and what results have you got?
I used one in my local gym. I've got arthritis and I was told it helps to strengthen bones etc.

To be honest I think they're a bit faddy, and I didnt see the miraculous results they claim to get.
Having said that, everyones different, you may see some good results.

Give it a go for a while, but I would not expect too much in case it doesnt deliver.
I know someone who has their own so is using it at least 3 times a week.they are really pleased with it but they are fit and toned anyway i think it has been a step further for them you can definately see more muscle definition.I massage her and she has a six pack now.
The first time I ever used one at my gym, unknown by me, I tried one of the hardest exercises, the one where it looks like you're doing a sit up....

..... I vibrated off it!
I have no idea what it is, would someone mind explaining what it is. Please tell me you stand on it and all your fat just dissapears!

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