Prescriptive manicures.


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Oct 9, 2003
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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can give any feedback on a prescriptive manicure range called Kyido. Has anyone used it or is currently using it? Don't know much about it waiting for rep to pop out to me. Can anybody suggest a good prescriptive range (looked at nailtiques and Jessica but didn't fancy them).
Kyido is from Star Beauty.

Don't know why you didn't fancy it, but Jessica is extremely popular in the UK (probably the most popular) and is a BRAND named product that the public is very familiar with.

Creative also do a beautiful SpaManicure system.

In fact there are oodles of manicure systems to choose from now where only a few years ago there were next to none available.

Revlon was THE name in manicure for many years and one never even hears about it now. It used to be a real f'eather in your cap' if you had been trained to be a Revlon manicurist!! How times change.

I use the spa manicure and pedi range and also the solar range from creative. I am soo pleased :D with them and the clients love it. They do a little starter set, give it a whirl you wont be dissapointed. I to looked at nailtiques but it is a lot to stock although i did like the products.
Good luck. ;)
I use jessica and have used the spa manicure range, must admit prefer the spa manicure stuff but jessica do do a great range of treatments designed for a clients specific nail type, there le remidi range is nicer than there basics, the lipo whatsit stuff you use at the end is very nice

Paula x
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