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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Can some body tell me what primerless liquid mean please .

Kop khun ka mui ka
hiya mui :D
glad to have u back on site!
retention + liquid from creative nail design is a primer optional liquid.
it's unique technology means that it bonds covalently with keratin.
this is the stongest bond that is possible.
this means that in most cases, primer is not neccessary to aid bonding.
however, some clients suffer extreme lifting, even thou' the prep & application is perfect.
these clients may need extra help & this is where you can use acid-free primer as well as scrub fresh, & nail fresh.
hope this helps
love liza xx
Kop khun ka

So i will try primerless liquid with no primer but can i ask you do you know of liquid with hema .

And what is hema .

Kop khun ka mui
Well love is HEMA the brand name????
Or is HEMA an ingredient, part of the monomer compound.......???

If it is an ingredient it could be .................'2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate'
Definition: An organic compound that occurs as a clear liquid; also known as HEMA. HEMA is the polymer used for making poly-(2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate).

I know HEMA is used in the contact lense manufacturing, in the dentistry and the aircraft construction................

But I am not sure if this is of the MMA or EMA family...........
Doug might know the answer if it is an ingredient............

hope this helps ??????
Sawasdee ka ruth

HEMA is not mma i think for sure .

When i have my product come from america nearly every thing tip dust brush and another thing have made in china only the kolinsky brush and file made in u.s.a i think if them buy china and ship america and then ship to Thailand i go speak china buy from them .

And when them email me from china company in china them price american dollar and same price america so i think you not know who you make deal with some time and when you look what have inside like primer and liquid if you no have book for medicene or if you not doctor you never know for sure and can ask this have mma or not and when them speak no have then you think good .

Some times things a little bit headache because try to do number 1 and b4 i think kloinsky brush is america company and make in america but why i have in my shop kolinsky brush japan lady give me for souvenir when i learn nail her shop .

And i think have many product made in Korea china and tawain and them send to England and america so if i buy i have to look and try and see if good or not if some thing made in england every body think good number 1 but now i not sure because you not make you buy some body and sell and i can send yu t shirt make Thailand 3 for 1 england pound but not good same you buy your country if them make your country ..

I speak before about ell she send to england and buy kit 219.99 have star nail training kit and i think everything no good brush file no good and powder and liquid only little bit .

Sorry i speak long time but only have 1 customer and pan she do facial and i look internet jut and ple eat .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Kolinsky brushes are made in many places, but they are NOT all the same and the quality of the Kolinsky hair varies considerably.

I can only speak about Creative brushes which are hand-tied and made in the USA by one of the oldest brush manufacturers of the finest kolinsky sable hair from the tail and from the 'spring' coat of fur.

FYI ... the animals are not killed for their fur ... just get a hair cut :D
just to clear up a commonly asked question i'm asked by my students geeg...
i was told that the sable hairs in creative brushes come from kolinsky sable hairs.
i have always been under the impression that sable hairs came from horses, but some one (i think it was a student) told me they thought they came from badgers :shock:
as you know i like to have the correct knowledge even if it's trivia!!
so, can you shed any light??
lol liza xx
Just a littel info from the I love search engines........

The hairs are derived from the Asian or Siberian mink Mustela (also known as the Red Tartar marten).
The finest quality hair comes from the tail of the species Mustela sibirica and is known as Kolinski. Sable is valued for its ability to point, to keep its shape, to spring and to hold plenty of colour.

So like ~Geeg~ said............... they get their tails trimmed...............
and we get superb brushes..................
So girls we all have minks.............well even if it's only the tail end lol.......
thank u soooo much ruthie :D
as usual u r a mine of information!
i wonder where the horse & badger bit came from??!?!
lol liza xx
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