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Mar 3, 2010
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Hi all x

Can anyone reccomend a good...reasonable...printers x I have a friend who is a graphic designer....Hes doing that bit x

Im only looking for about 2000 leaflets, but every price ive been quoted so far has been about £10 under what i would pay for 5000. I dont need 5000, as im in a small back street salon, so ive worked out 2000/2500 should be plenty x

Thanks in advance xxxx
I think that's fairly normal - as they still need to go through the same set-up procedure whether printing 1 leaflet or 10,000 leaflets - and that is where a lot of the time and effort will be.

I've personally used Sense Creative in the past though - A5 Leaflet, Flyer Printers 5000 170gsm Glossy ?90 Full Colour Litho Printer, Free UK Delivery - and have found their quality to be excellent and for a very reasonable price too - despite their price for 2,500 leaflets being only a couple of quid or so less than what they charge for 5,000!

In which case, assuming you are going to use your leaflets for quite some time into the future, I'd be inclined to go for the 5,000 as the pricing is so much more economical.

have a look at ... they have a half price offer on at the moment, and should be a store near you
Hi there.

I use

They done me 500 leaflets for £35 including postage to NI. They are really good quality leaflets and he designed them for me as well. Can't fault him, he was fab.

Hope this helps

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