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Here's a little story!
Once upon a time, 2 girls set up a nail bar in London. It was the talk of the town. They were very smart amd only hired technicians of a very high status and they branded their salon by using only the highest end products. For a year or 2 they 'rocked' amd everyone flocked. They thought they were IT and they were. But then it became all about THEM.
They stopped hireing the best of the best and they decided they would go private lable on enamels and creams etc. No one knew their line which was pretty low end as ALL private lable lines are.
The salon lost its branded image and the technicians left as busines weakened. We all watched it happen and were sad. The moral of the story is, that your customers LIKE to buy branded lines because of the image and the quality of those products. Private lable is about YOU and not about what the customer is asking for. ;)

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Jan 9, 2003
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HowdA All...

Was just reading about people wanting enamel for private labeling.
On one hand, I can see the kudos for selling "Geek orama nail enamel"... but on the other hand, why not capitalize on the marketing/pr/etc.. of pro companies? Seems people would put more faith in large names rather than "Bobs Paint for Nails"...

Just really curious on your views....

I wait with baited breath.... that stinks... (I just got off a plane)... ok... it usually stinks anyway... but at least I dont; have to smell it... um.. ok... carry on...
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