Pro Beauty nail comps - deadline approaching!


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Oct 16, 2003
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Sidcup, Kent
Just a reminder that the deadline for the Professional Beauty National Nail Competition in Dublin on the 30th Sept/1st Oct is coming up soon. It is this Friday, the 21st of September.

Dublin has some great categories such as Everyday Extensions, Manicure and Pedicure. Visit the Pro Beauty website and click on PB Ireland or go straight to Professional Beauty Ireland - Ireland's Premier Health&Beauty Event for all the rules and regs.

The Pro Beauty Manchester deadline is not until the 28th of September but entries are flooding in and the numbers are being allocated. The quicker you get your entry in, the quicker your model is judged! Think of their poor feet and send your form in soon!

Any questions, please call the competition hotline on 0208 302 2020.
Just bumping this back up as a reminder that the deadline for the Manchester comp is FRIDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER!

You have 1 day left to enter or the price goes up!

Good luck to all of you who have entered so far. xx :lol:
I posted my entry form and cheque last week for the photographic comp, can you give me any idea how long it will be before i hear anything back from them please
Just recieved clearence on last weeks payments today so the last of the packs are being sent tomorrow. (Its 1.15am and ive just finished packing them up! Another 34 on the way!) So anybody that has not already got theirs, should get it Saturday or Monday. A few more will follow next week for anyone that has sent their payment from tomorrow onwards.
Hope that helps! xxx
Helps loads hun, thank you :hug:

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