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Sep 2, 2003
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hi guys...
wonder if any of u could help me out on this 1 client i have:
she is mad on her nails and for years she used the nailene acrylic u can buy from boots, when she came to me her nails were the thinest ive seen, paper thin all over...and green/brown...
also she is on permanent medication for thyroid problems...
i put her on a set of bio sculpture and she is the only client that has had lifting, could this be due to the medication? also what do u suggest i do for her?
she has problems with her hair and skin since being on medication so to me it seems that this is the problem with her nails lifting...
is there anything else i can do to stop this? she loves her nails and doesnt want to be without them...
vicx :D
Unfortunately you can not do anything about her physical condition and yes, this coupled with the thinness of her nail plates is the cause of the problem.

My opinion is that a light wrap would probably be the best bet for her as EC resin is extremely compatible to the nail plate. And more flexible than gel or L&P.
that many physical, medical, medication situation are sources of lifting and other nail problems which,,,, sorry,,, a nail tech just is not going to be able to overcome....
I like the suggestion that you try a wrap on this client ---- high likehood that the wrap would be the best compromise for her.
ya do know the lyrics, don't ya .....

You don't always get what ya want,,,,
but sometimes you get what you need.

You start this one out by picking a quiet private time to speak with your client, close in on her, hold her hands in your hands, use a quiet and serious tone and begin .... """ (client name), Listen, let me tell you what I...........
:D In 2002 I had most of my thyroid removed due to a humongous growth weighed in at just under a 1lb. Prior to this and before my out of condition thyroid was treated, I had always worn silk wraps, as my nails were the pits.
I am now on various medication, and had been on this medication for 8 months, then being converted to Creative fabulous acrylic, ( mosaic's and metro rule), The condition of my own nails has gone from pits to fab.

hope this helps, I would suggest it was the product being used, and how applied, and not the medical condition.
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