Problem with my samples !!!


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Mar 25, 2006
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada
Ok.girls and guys ....I sent away for some free samples as I've been thinking of trying a different gel line......I currently use LeChat.......

So I received my free samples......

NSI Balance gel......

Finish clear
Builder blush
Soft White sculptor
Builder sheer pink

this is my problem......they came with no instructions or any bonder....:irked:

so what do I do first? you think I could use my Bondaide from Orly?
or my primer from LeChat just to see how it works? ......mind you I'm the guinnea ......NOT a client.....
Also how long do I cure?......and do you think I could use my wipe spray ( LeChat ) for the sticky layer?.....or am I out of luck on trying it because I have a mish-mash of things?......

any help would be lovely....
I think there is instructions on the NSI web site - hang on I will have a look.
Use your primer from lechat, the cure time for NSI builders, and Finish is 90 seconds and 2 minutes for the white. You can you your lechat wipe spray to remove the "sticky" layer.

The steps;
1) prep the nail and remove dust filings
2) prime the nail.
3) apply a base layer if you wish when sculpting or go straight to your white
4) add as many layers as you need to get your arch and support.
5) you can "freeze" cure 5 to 10 seconds between each layer
6) do a full cure of 90 seconds before filing
7) file and shape
8) remove dust and apply finish clear
9) Cure for 90 seconds
10) remove "sticky" layer
11) Done!! and you will have some beautiful nails :)

Hope this helps
I can say with some degree of certainty, if you dont use bonder, they will all pop off in about 48 hours.

Shame they never sent you any, i know it's included in their L&P kit now. Maybe call them and ask them to send u some, i'm cheeky like that ;-)
there should have been a leaflet that came with instructions and the balance bond primer.please phone the as im sure they will send you some out asap.there client service is excellent there number is 0500131009 and its free! hths
Thank you everyone for your responses.....I'll try it out and see how it goes.....if they turn out decent I'll post a pic !
Thanks again !:hug:

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