problem with natural nails splitting/breaking


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hoping for some help with my nails please! :)

they grow ok & are quite strong but flexible. i've been using the Trind system for a few months now & am happy with the results.

it seems whatever i do, doesn't matter what products i'm using, they'll get to a certain length then this happens - & i have to cut them right back & start all over again. (this is the 3rd nail this week that's gone!:eek:)

i hope that's worked!

please help as it must be something I'M doing to my poor nails...:cry:

MTIA for any replies
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Sorry I have never heard of the Trind system.

Nails need toughness and flexibility?

Are you regularly using an oil on your nails?


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thanks for the quick reply.

i 'try' to remember to use my NSI oil, but i have to admit that i don't use it too frequently.

this is some info on Trind. i use the nail balsam, cuticle balsam & the weekly coat of nail repair.

even when i have had periods of using oil twice a day for a while, they always seem to break like this at some point.


I would be interested to know whether you give yourself a luxury manicure in-between nail enhancements and whether you have a break from enhancements because your nails may have weakened and not taken well to enhancements I could be wrong this is just a suggestion hun :).


It is very difficult to diagnose a problem as it could be related to all sorts of things including diet and lifestyle.

It could also be something in the product you are using. If it contains formaldehyde, although this is a great strengthener, it works by drawing moisture out of the nails. Regular use of the oil should help to combat this drying. If you have been using the strengthener for a very long time then it may be worth giving it a break and using a non formaldehyde product and the oil to see how you get on.

The nails breaking where they are might indicate that they are too long for your lifestyle as they are breaking at a pressure point.


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thanks for the replies :)

i've never used enhancements, so that's not a problem.

i do a fair bit of typing so have to keep my nails a reasonably short length, otherwise i hit all the wrong keys!

i'll try & get in the habit of using my oil again, religiously, & perhaps lay off the Trind products for a while.

thanks again.