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May 8, 2012
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Hi everyone, my first post on here although I've been perusing for aaages picking up tips and advice, so thank you all :)

I've been a trained beauty therapist for around 5 years now and trained to use the Shellac system earlier this year. So far, so good! 2 weeks ago I did Shellac on my sister nails and last night attempted to remove it but it all went horribly wrong..

I removed my own Shellac the night before with no problems whatsoever. However, when I came to do my sister's we found the Shellac just really stubborn even after leaving the wraps on for over 10 mins. It left a cloudy layer of colour which just wasn't shifting from the nail at all. At first I thought maybe it was because I had put an extra thin layer of colour on when I was layering Gotcha with Iced Coral, or maybe i had been stingy with the dsolve, so we put a fresh set of wraps on and left for 15 mins-exactly the same problem. In the end I gently scraped the stubborn layers off Shellac off the nail, put the wraps back on and after 2 mins it had all come off fine leaving no residue. Dab of solar oil and nails look tip top.

I used the CND wraps, saturated them with dsolve, made sure they were tightly wrapped around the nail with the sides tucked in. Aside from the extra colour layer, i know I put my base coat on very thin, as this was drummed into me by my trainer at the time. So I'm bit baffled...this has never happened before when I've removed Shellac and im worried it will happen on a 'proper' client. Luckily this time it was just my sis so she was very understanding! Even so, it's nice to look professional regardless of who the client is.

Reading another thread about Shellac removal problems, I noted another poster saying sometimes if the clients hands are cold it can take longer to remove. When i read that, a lightbulb lit up in my head as my sis has Raynauds disease so her hands,particularly fingers,are abnormally cold all the time and go numb and ghostly white/blue at the slightest temperature drop.

If this is potentially the root of my problems then at least I will know for the future. Just wondering anyone has any advice really, have any of you had similar problems? Thanks and sorry for this long post on a Sunday morning of all mornings!! :lol:
It could be the Reynauds. I have had problems with nail clients who have had this ...adding some Warmth will speed up removal on her nails.
Thank you Geeg, will try warming the hands next time and hopefully that will do the trick!
My mum has Reynauds too, I always use the heated mitts when removing her shellac, works a treat and she loves the warmth
I have this problem on my own nails as well, I spent 40 mins trying to get all the Shellac off and it still looks like there is a film over it. I don't have Reynauds but I will try warming my hands next time to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip geeg.

Shelley X
Thanks for all the comments - I will definitely try some warming hand mitts next time. Hopefully the Reynauds is the cause of the stubborn removal issues, signs are certainly pointing in that direction.

Shelley - please do update us next time you remove your Shellac as to whether warming your hands first worked! That's unusual that yours takes so long to remove so I'd be interested to hear how you get on x
Wargh i have reynauds its a pain in the bum. Training in gelish soon so this is helpful on removal on myself!
I have stupid raynauds too, it's really annoying:( glad I read this as I'm just purchasing Shellac to try out...def good to know to use the heated mitts to help with removal, thanks!x
Just an update - since my original post I've removed my sister's Shellac again and in the absence of heated mitts I used a couple of hand warmers before removal, it worked really well x

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