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Nov 7, 2011
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Hi geeks wonder if you can help
I do mobile spray tanning with nouvatan and love it as do my clients
However when I have a spray tan done on myself it fades really bad, it looks lovely for a good week or so and then starts fading really patchy, I have mine done by another professional who uses the same product and am a bit confused as to why this happens ? It's that bad that I literally have to cover up my skin until it eventually wears off or I can scrub it off, sometimes it takes up to three weeks, do you think it's because I have really dry skin?, it doesn't happen on my clients asit tends to fade quite naturally so I know it's not the product and I always follow the correct pre and post advice, but I don't start exfoliating too early to avoid this happening, any ideas?, if I new how to post a pic id show you, it's def not a good advert lol
as you have rightly said Its not the product as your paying customers are clearly happy:lol:
if you have dry skin why not try the Nouvaglow tanning moisturiser, it contains all natural organic ingrediants and 4% dha ?? it is designed to be applied daily to build up a gradual tan. but will also moisturise your dry skin
Yeah I might give it a try, I've just been trying to scrub some tan off, it won't budge lol, it's def not the products it must just be my skin, thanks.
I'm just wndering whether it's too much solution going on?, I don't what she has her settings on, but do you think that could be a reason?
Are you having too high a percentage for your skin?

If you know you have dry skin then I would definatley say you need to be moisturising daily after a tan with an oil free moisturiser but I woudln't use a self tanning one, your wanting the tan to come off nicely and evenly not to keep applying more tan and making the patchyness worse or last longer.
If it is dry skin try using a light moisturiser before you tan, let it dry into your skin then spray. The tan still works perfectly fine, I always moisturise before my tan and so does my friend and sister but I tell my clients not to obviously! Make sure you moisturise everyday after your tab and I'd recommend very lightly exfoliating after about a day or 2, see of that help break it down more evenly
Baggy bear, I have a 10% I have pretty pale skin but as I say it looks lovely for about a week, then looks terrible, I could try an 8 % I suppose and see how that goes,
I think I will try a light moisturiser next time, wait til it sinks in then give it a go, thanks geek!!!!
When i tried using this tan, my clients complained about fade off been bad and having to scrub them selves.Why not spray yourself where you can reach and see if it's application problems or the tan not suiting you.xx:Love:
Hey I get the same problem which I didn't get with same percentages with other brands. Awaiting a reply on another thread about this, so annoying coz I love the colour!
Maybe she has the gun set to high causing a overload on your skin, also do you moisturise regular?
It really helps fade off

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