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May 17, 2004
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Can anyone give me any advice.

I am having problems with zone 1 and 2 when doing L&P. I sometimes end up with Zone 2 being built up ok but then sloping too much into zone 1 giving a humped appearance from the side of the finished nail. It doesn't happen all the time but I am newly qualified and have a few mobile customers and am starting to worry with each set I do. This is driving me mad. When it happens even filing can't rectify it.

It sounds as if you are using to much, have you re-checked your ratio's, a small bead for each zone is usually enough, the only thing i can think your doing wrong is your beads are to big.

Hope this helps

Claire x
I would also use smaller beads in each zone, You can always add more, But harder to take it away :biggrin:
hi, i agree with Lesley on this its always better to start off with too little and add some more rather than having to file it away. It was my major problem when i first started doing my L&P. I also have found recently that with my new brush which is a Grand Master Oval 508, its actually triple the size of the one i trained with, but i find i can get all sizes of beads including small ones and it seems easier to do too.

Just practise on a plastic sheet picking up beads of various sizes and seeing how your ratio is too. hope you work it out, keep trying you will get there.:)
Another thought, when you've finished zone 1, place your next bead slightly away from zone 1 (leaving a slight gap). That way when you press your bead out it will then fill the gap rather than bulk up into zone 1. Hope this makes some kind of sense.

When you place the bead for zone2 on the nail, do it like Adele said.......
place it a little away from the smile line, let it settle and then press is towards the eponychium, then gently press outwards, in even movements, that will leave the apex nicely build and tapered towards the sidewalls.........remembering to only cover your zone 2 and butting onto zone1 and tapering off towards zone 3.............


Thanks for the advice. I have another client later today so will definitely try smaller beads and also leaving the gap between zone 1 and 2 before pressing out.

Hi ya i used to have excatly the same problem and it was cos i was placing my bead to near zone 1 so u need to place it back just a tad more like was said in previous threads good luck let us no how it goes

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