Problems with Bicycle Yellow Vinylux


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May 27, 2013
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Jersey C.I
Hello I placed an order with S2 recently and i orderd my first vinylux bottle, bicycle yellow to see what its was like and oh my it is so awful to use! It needs at least 3 coats and even that is streaky! Im so gutted as I want more vinylux colours but my boots no7 nail varnish applys so much better! Please tell me they are not all like that or if I can do something to stop it from happening xx
Hi there, iv invested so far in 25 bottles of Vinylux and everyone have been completely fine. Saying that I haven't bought the yellow one yet.

Make sure you have thoroughly shaken the bottle first and that your brush doesn't need cleaning, from being stored in the warehouse etc
I've got the yellow and no problems at all, 2 coats and fine
I have the full Vinylux range and Bicycle Yellow is the only one that is a bit of mare. All other colours are fine in my opinion but the yellow I have is grainy and streaky. I'm going to order another to see if it's any different - especially as Maz101 has said hers is good...

Don't let one bottle out you off, like I say - the rest of mine are perfectly fine x
I have the full vinylux range n I no what u mean with the yellow. 3 coats n it's still not perfect. All the other colors are fine :)
Thanks guys it's exactly how teddysmum is describing it really is awful to use. I'll get another colour when I place an order and compare the two but I'm so gutted as was really looking forward to using it x
Try using an orange wood stick to really stir the polish round, since doing this with my yellow have had no problems at all, stirred it once an havent had to do it since, just give it a real good shake before I use it & 2 coats its perfect :) xxxx
I'm just amazed all you guys have the yellow. How on earth did you manage to get your hands on it , it's like gold dust?!
I also have it and don't have any problems.
I'd be happy to even touch a bottle of Bicycle Yellow, let alone use it!

I've not been able to get a bottle anywhere! x
I got mine when it first launched, must've just been lucky .
I have a lot of the Vinylux colors and have not had a problem. However, I do not have Bicycle Yellow.
This is just a quick I'd and this is 2 coats of bicycle yellow after a good shake. I did these today.

I've no ther examples as just deleted loads of pics to load ios7 onto phone and iPad.


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Maz they are lovely! Can i ask what plates you used please?
I have and it's lovely. If you really want it to pop try putting a thin coat of Cream Puff underneath. Thus works well with Limeade too. HTH
This is just a quick I'd and this is 2 coats of bicycle yellow after a good shake. I did these today.

I've no ther examples as just deleted loads of pics to load ios7 onto phone and iPad.

Nice, can I also ask where those plates are from, looking for some Halloween ones :biggrin:
Yellow is available at S2 right now :biggrin:

I've just ordered another bottle as no matter how I shake and stir, it is still grainy and streaky. Must be a one-off.....
Thanks I'll try stirring with an orange wood stick and see how it is. I did all my nails yesterday in it and took it off as it really looked messy.
If stirring pent work should I contact S2 about it??
When I placed an order it was in stock, the electric orange is the one for me that's like gold dust, it's never in stock! X
I am finding negligee to be the one that streaks no matter what! I have tried everything!
There is a thread on Tropix Vinylux. I had to use 3 coats with it as it was streaking and not covering well however it appears we just have to learn how to apply it properly. I've not tried it since though to tell if it's just my technique.

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