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Nov 25, 2007
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has any1 purchased stuff from ebay for experimenting like brushes and tips and all? if you did are they good quality cause they are fairly cheap even when there 1 min before the auction ends?

thnx a lot for the help:):green::):green::):green:
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I've never bought pro nail products from Ebay but it does depend what you want..... If it's tips to practice on then I can't see the harm cos it doesn't matter what the quality of them is...... If it's products to use on 'real' people then please only buy from authorised distributors - it's the only way to guarantee genuine products from genuine sources that are shipped correctly.....

I don't have any direct experience to offer you though - sorry!

hth's anyway.....:)
Not everything on ebay is cheap - sometimes you can pay more for these items than you could buy them from authorised suppliers.

I am afraid good quality does not come cheap. Check out your main suppliers, they may do a "budget/own brand" range - for example Sweet Squared do the Creative range plus they also have their Designer Nails brand - no aspersions being cast LOL.

Wholesalers do tips which are good for practising with.

However if you have problems with tips cracking etc then you might not know whether it is the quality of the tip or your way of working.

Basically stick with what you know.
I've bought some things on ebay. I've bought tips for practising smile lines - quality doesn't matter here. I've bought my nail trainer, which was less than half the new price. A few other bits too. Watch the postage costs though. It's all very well paying a couple of pounds for an item, but if the postage is high, it's really not such a great bargain.
Marion X
i also bought my nail trainer off ebay for half the original price and that included the postage.ive also bought the individual nail soakers for less than half the price and other bits and pieces that actually have the name of the shop etc.. that i would have bought them from so make sure you do a search as you can get some great bargains on there.
ebay is great for diamontes dried flowers and things like that i wouldn't buy any prducts from there but you can get cheap tips to practise on x
i've bought alot of nail art bits from ebay
I have just ordered a nail trainer from e bay so i hope it will be ok. I have had some good and some bad from e bay but good for practicing.
I have also had some good and bad experiences. I have had a good experience for building up my stock on unusual OPI nail colours that are no longer available, but I have not once had good brushes from there, especially the ones from Hong Kong (without sounding too nasty).

I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Do some research to see if authorised retailers are cheaper. I agree with Marioned, when postage is added on, it is not always a saving.

When I do buy from Ebay I take 3 things into consideration, are they an EBay Shop, as likely to have a bit more chance of a response if something goes wrong, also have a look at their feedback. If 100% then you know they are a good seller. Also the postage.

I have bought nail art and tips etc. But can honestly say that the quality has not been all that. The tips i use to practise nail art and smile lines on, or failing that i could use them to shovel dirt as they ARE that thick! Some of the nail art has been ok, but some as been very poor quality. I guess as said before research the seller and their feedback. You can get some unusual nail art items on there which is good. Hth's.
i think ebay is great for cnd products,
i think ebay is great for cnd products,
It's one of the few ways to get the product illegally and through unauthorised channels.

How do you know you're using the product correctly?

How do you know the product is what is says it is on the label?
i have bought a whole miriad of goods from Ebay (but never product i hasten to add)

i have bought nail trainer, tips (to practise nail art and try out polish colours etc)
i have bought bottle holders and dipsosable gloves and aprons etc,

i admit i have even bought one or two polishes but only from people who i have used before and got good stuff from them, and thankfully they were the real deal, (but since joining this site ive not bought anymore polish)

ive had some nail art brushes and acetone/polish remover dispensers etc and some of it has been great value ive even bought stuff for less than £1 inc P&P and its done the job, i bought 48 dual use nail art striper pens and they cost me £11 inc p&p and they are brilliant such a range of colours

BUT i have also had some real crap, the nail art brushes esp hong kong etc are rubbish, they are cheap and there is a reason, the nail tips are so thick, you couldnt use them to dipslay nail art and out of the 4 dispensers i have bought one works ok, one dosent pump and the other 2 squirt everywhere, but they were so cheap, even 1 out of the 4 makes it a saving, but lesson learnt, i now search online nail shops that people have given me the links to, and often find similar prices for things that you know are better quality

just watch what your buying

listen to what everyone is saying , DO NOT buy product

a) its illegal for them to sell it
b) it could be dangerous if you dont know what it is
c) its not fair to everyone else paying the proper prices from the real distrubutor
d) if they dont post it using proper channels , that is also illegal and very dangerous

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I only ever buy nail art stuff like glitters, feathers, dried flowers and nail jewellery and that sort of thing.

Never my gels or files or stuff like that.
I got some good dvds from ebay once:)
Nail products though I buy from a supplier.
Or beauty can get some real bargains there.
The trouble with ebay is that you can never be sure that what you see is what you really get. Like when I went through a spate of buying jeans ... how the hell a size 10 can vary so much I'll never know :lol:! It was anything from a size 6 to a 14 ... and as for the ones that said they were from Miss Selfridge ... yeah right and I'm the Queen of Sheba.

Same for nail stuff, you think you're getting a bargain, but often it ain't all it seems. Thing is though, rather than a dodgy pair of jeans that's plain annoying, we are dealing in chemicals here. And how the heck do we know that those chemicals that we get from Ebay are what they say they are? Those very same chemicals that you are going to apply to your clients that could do heavens know what?

Yes you may be lucky and get a bargain (that is almost certainly bought illicitly from abroad, and no doubt shipped illegally too putting your postal service at risk ie ALL liquid products must be shipped by courier and not in the general mail), but for the sake of saving a few quid I sure as hell wouldn't risk the reputation of my business, the health of my clients and a possible lawsuit for chemical burns.

So for Ebay, certain stuff such as cheap tips to practice on, nail art sutff etc YES. But for chemicals, and true Pro products, it's a big fat no-no for me! Too bloody risky! I'm a professional and proud of it.

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