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Aug 3, 2005
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Bury (Lancs)

I havent been on here for a very long time but everytime I do pop in I get a warm welcome and lots of great advice.

I hope i wont get in trouble for asking this though...

I really want to do the hollywood toes course with NSI. Ive just checked out the cost of the course on their website and was just wondering if i go to PB at manchester tomorrow and book on the course would they charge me VAT? i'll need to buy the kit too and also a uv lamp (as i only do l&p).

Id really like to go as i would enjoy it so much but i am soooo poor at the moment!!!!
HOWEVER(!) I figure that if it will save me money in the long run I may as well go...:lol:

Also how many of you add this to your services? Do you still get many clients asking for it in the run up to christmas? How much do you charge? Would it be a good idea to train in pedis too so could offer a package?

Any advice would be great please

Tracie x

(and im very sorry if its against the rules to ask these sorts of questions about prices and things):Grope:
save your money hun!!! you can do them!!!
i only use l/p - and have had loads of hollywood toes to do this summer - i do overlay with nsi glaze/go for a permanent high shine and renew/infill after 4 weeks.
just remember to keep it real thin so easy to infill - i use flawless pink for a good coverage/mask and either white or soft white for the free edge - your clients will love it. hth

I would have thought a quick call in the morning to their head office will answer your questions regarding any deals at the show on classes.

By the way, just so's you know. Exhibitors are not officially allowed to say no VAT (because it is a lie) .. of course VAT has to be paid always .. what they are giving is a discount. It is illegal NOT to charge VAT if the business is in that bracket.
Yes it does, thank you.
I have tried it on my toes - only once though. I think i must have applied the acrylic far too thick then as they just looked all lumpy and un-even! I was really disappointed with myself :grr: as my fingers are normally OK!

My sis gets gel toes done by her friend and she says that every 6wks her friend just files it all off completely and does a fresh set.

Should I do the same then after 4wks with L&P? Is that how thin it should be?

In my area it generally costs £20 / £25 for hollywood toes. I know it depends on your own skill and where you live but would i price it around the same even though id be working with L&P?

Thanks Hun you've saved me £££!!:hug:

Oh ive only got NSI competition powders (bright white and cant remember what the pink is now!!) should I invest in a particular powder for better coverage for toe nails? Thanks:hug:
Thank you Gigi.

Will do as this will help make my mind up too as I really wanted to have an insight into gel.

I am not a very experienced nail tech. I did an essential nails course 2yrs ago while I was pregnant and have not actually worked as a nail tech apart from always doing my own and the odd client (friends of friends) and family. However my daughter will be starting nursery next Sept and I really want to get my training sorted and a few other services under my belt. One big thing for me is getting up to speed it takes me about 2hrs to do a really nice set.

I just wish i'd have spent a little more and done a different course rather than a home learn one.

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