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Jul 6, 2006
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west yorkshire
Hi all
I was wanting to be able to do a bit of fund raising in the salon, i was going to offer some nail art in the form of stickers (pudsey bear) and then all profits i would donate to the charity,
i want to use stickers as they are quicker than free hand painting, so i wont be losing out on my time and hope fully will be able to raise more money for the charity,
this is where you can all help me,
where the hell do i get the stickers from, i have googled it but got nowhere
HELP fellow geeks :hug:
have you tried ebay? i buy loads of nail art stuff off there x
yes hun that was the first place i looked, they don't have any, not yet, hopefully they will have soon
if i see any i'll let you know x
Naughty i know but im bumping this up to see if anyone else can help me out
Hi, this may help you, i use a company called YOUR-STICKERS.COM | online stickers I currently buy the designer logo stickers from them you know playboy louie dior etc they are very reasonable £1.99 for 100 and £2.50 p&p it says on my invoice made to order or off the shelf. Maybe if you enquired they would consider making some up as im sure a few others would be interested in haveing them as an option.
Thanks for the link karren, had a quick look and it looks good.
your welcome. :)
you could try making the water decals, they have come to my rescue a couple of times, pater pan did a tutorial on them really easy to follow.
you just print them off your pc xx
I wish i was that clever, i have printed that tutorial off last year to have a go but i didnt even understand half of the pc lingo lol,
thanks for the link glitz i will go and have a nosy now

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