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Sep 12, 2007
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On Friday Evening I had a new client come to me for a soak off and new set. She had about 3 - 4 weeks growth from the previous new set she had on (all lifting off though).

The removal of the L&P went fine until I got right to the end. With all of the L&P gone, I came across a very thin layer of something which I'm finding very hard to describe! It was almost as if a very thin layer of the natural nail was lifting off. The amount that was lifting off went as far down the nail plate as the previous nail enhancements had grown out. I didn't even want to attempt to put the file to it as it was so close to the natural nail, and the remover used on the L&P wasn't shifting it either. When I put one of my fingers to it to see if it would come off, it would just like some normal lifting, but part
would break away.

I had to actually say to my client that I didn't know what it was and that I'd never come across anything like that (made me look completely unprofessional). I asked if anything had been done differently to what I'd done in the stages of prep and actually applying the product etc and there was nothing that she could think of. In the end I just had to remove what I could and performed the usual prep, ensuring that I was 'scrubfreshing' more so than usual and I applied my L&P, and in the end they looked fine.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could have been? Hence the subject Puzzled! I'd really like to be able to go back to her with an answer.

Thanks so much for your help Geeks!

L-J x
Wasnt a layer of unsoakable gel was it? Did she have gel nails before l&p? I leave a thin layer of gel when i file it off.. perhaps that was what it was.. other then that i have no idea?
No she said she'd only ever had L&P, I know of the Salon she went to before and they don't offer Gel's as a service.

It was so strange!
I thought Geeg said somewhere on another thread a few days ago, that something like this could be dehydration of the natural nail? Does it disappear when painted over with a base coat? :green:
I didn't try a base coat as I was putting L&P straight back over it. It didn't seem too much like dehydration to me though, more like a layer of something had come off, or like a layer of something had been put on under the previous L&P set.
Are you sure it wasnt damage from an untrained tech using an E-file?

Just a thought as I have seen damage before that looks like a layer of chalky stuff, but it was actually just shredded nail!!!:irked:

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