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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi ya Sam, Samantha and Geeg,
As you might know I have been adding airbrush Tanning to my services.
I also want to retail some moisturisers, I love Solar Silk and the scented Body and Hand lotions.
Now the question is would they be suitable as a moisturiser to maintain the airbrush tan, as moisturising is a big must with airbrush Tanning.
What do you guys think????
Love Ruth xxxx
By the way we all have a glowing Tan now, the cockatiel is next lol
I'm a Solar Silk fan - adore the new formula and it did wonders for my contact dermatitus - think of this as 'whipped up Solar Oil :) !!
If any moisturizer will do, then I'm sure Scentsations OR Solar Silk would work beautifully. Scentsations come in loads of aromas with three new ones on the way - if u call DN, you can probably get them to send you some Scentsation sample foils so you can decide on which aromas you like best!! I love Citrus & Green Tea but the 'sweeter' scents are popular too - Cherry & Nutmeg, Peach & Ginseng, Cran-o-beary oh I may as well try and remember them all now.... :rolleyes: Pear & Dandelion, Birch & Mint, Lavender & Jojoba, Tangerine and Lemongrass - ohooo on a roll..... :shock: Vanilla Shimmer (does have the silver sparkle though) and....hmmmm I'm missing about 4 I think!! anyway gives you an idea ;)
Yes I love Solar Silk and so do my nail clients. Yes any moisturiser will do, of course the better the ingredients the better the tan will last.
Faye is a huge Fan of the shimmer one, she glitters in to work and then shines at the desk all day.
I love the cranberry one.
So will get some and retail them as a No.1 Tanning and Hand and Body moisturiser.
BTW Can I get a promo Cd for the graphic for my website?????
lots of love
V&O in hand well it is Sunday
Ruth xxxxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
BTW Can I get a promo Cd for the graphic for my website?????

I'm not as much of a computer geek as you and sam so not sure what you mean but it sounds like something Christian or Nicole would deal with in Marketing - main number 0113 275 5719 ext 223 or 243 will help you - punch in ext if DN answer machine comes on!!! ;)
Cheers Hun, will do that on Tuesday.
love Ruth xxx
Well i just have to add that i love the vanilla shimmer, i take it everywhere, its the first thing i make sure i have in my work bag, i would be lost with out it. Steve keeps asking if you do one that smells of cinnamon. i make sure he rubs either that or solarsilk into my back before he goes home. He dont complain because he loves the smell. He calls it the marzipan one :D as he does'nt remember any names.
Anyway i just wanted to say that i love it and to ask if you do cinnamon scented one....

take care
love faye xx
p.s mother sprayed me today so i am glowing with health and a good tan :D :D
Anyway i just wanted to say that i love it and to ask if you do cinnamon scented one....
CND has a holiday scent that is spicy like cinnamon....its great!

Ruth here in the States most of the DHA suppliers sell lotion that has a small amount of DHA in it, helps to maintain the tan longer since it is actually adding color, the downside is that it also tends to be slightly drying to the skin. We sell lots of it even to people who dont airbrush tan but would just like a quality tanning lotion that doesnt turn orange or streak. I always tell the clients moisturize, moisturize....but dont use anything with mineral oil. I really love the airbrush quick and easy.
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