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Sep 21, 2003
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Does anybody know this?
It was mentioned somewhere on nail blog, I googled and found this:

The Refusion thermo nail unit, personally developed by Charlotte Straughan of Ciaté and Marian Newman herself, works by using heat technology to reseal nail layers which have separated at the free edge due to everyday environmental damage, knocks and exposure to water and chemicals. A pen-like tool is used to apply heat to the free edge of the nail which first chases out moisture and then heats the nail to the correct temperature for the layers to plasticize and fuse back together. Once the free edge is sealed in this way the nail is restored to a healthy condition which will resist further damage.

It is rather not know widely, I have not found much info, but maybe you know more?
Is it worth money? Sounds really interesting.
I know lots more!! :lol:

Wouldn't you think something like that would be worth the cost to be able to offer that service to your natural nail clients?

80% of women are potential natural nail clients!

Shellac is bringing natural nail clients into the salon in droves; new clients who have never used salon services for their manicures before.

Paint on gels are bringing natural nail clients into the salon in droves.

If you had a machine that stopped splitting and de-lamination of the natural nail at the free edge would that not be something worth having? Isn't it often precisely things like de-lamination that spoil a good manicure. If you had the key to prevention that would be a huge advance to my way of thinking.
Geeg, I do lots of natural nails, I have started with that and I love it, must say natural and enhancements is 60:40 in my studio :)
That is why I am so interested.
I have found Nail Tek really working, lots of my natural nail clients used it, but they have to believe it first, use it second. And it does not work at once.

What makes me wonder is that this machine is not known, when it is so great, why do not advertise it? It is difficult to invest huge amount of money, when all you have is only marketing info.

As I understand the minus is, it can work only on the free edge? So when nails are heavy splitting, deep in nail plate, over the nail bed, it is impossible to use?
Or when they are cracking deep on the nail bed?

Aprecciate any words about it, I would really consider purchase, but I have to know more, it is too expensive just to give it a try.

I've been using the Re-fusion machine now for about 3 years, yes it does work it can take up to 6 treatments for the nails to stop peeling, I try to get clients to come in weekly for the 1st 6 weeks as I find this gets the best results, I charge £10 just to fuse the nails, to keep the cost down for the client and encourage them to keep it up! Try to get them to use a glass nail file I find this helps too!
Yes the machine is expensive and has taken a long time to pay, I also use Nailtiques and get even better results if the client takes a formula 2 with them as well.
Also if a client comes in for Gelish and has peeling nails I have fused the nail before application. My reason for this is I have used Bio Sculpture for years and always had problems with clients keeping the gel on with a peeling nail, the gel just peels off with the nail! Don't know if anybody else has found this a problem?
But if the nail is fused then its not a problem!
Also got to say i love the Gelish system, its so easy to apply, long lasting and super shiny, which sometimes was a problem with Bio Sculpture!
Hope this helps!!!

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Thank you.
Is it difficult to learn? How hot is the pen? Do you need any supplies with the machine?
Sealing the edge before applying overlays is a great idea, and when client wants shellac and has splitting nails.
Its really easy to use , the pen does get very hot! its kinda like a small welding machine, the heat is controlled by a dial, and yes it can only be used on the free edge, too hot to use across the nail plate, the theory is that the heat travels don the nail plate from the free edge, takes e about 10min to do a full set. Ciate did supply me with some foils to place under the free edge to dispurse the heat! All in this is a good machine and does work however I agree it is very expensive and will take a lot of manicures to recuperate the cost!
Shame you don't live closer you could have come and tried it for yourself!
Feel free to ring me if you need more info - my number is on my web site
Cheers, Judith
Judith, thank you very much :)
Yes, I know it is expensive, and I did not plan such a big investment now, but the whole idea got me soo curious :)
I will email you, first I need to talk to my husband about our budget ;).
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