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Vani-T Tan

Aug 4, 2010
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Hi Guys,

Just wondering does anyone pour left over tan from their gun back into the solution bottle? I sometimes put a little extra in the gun so it doesn't start spraying unervenly when i get close to the bottom but if i have some left it seems such a waste to pour it down the sink? but im scared if i put it back into the solution bottle it might affect the other solution because it has been exposed to so much air.

What does everyone else do? I use Vani-t tan.

Sorry its early hun and i cant quite work out what you mean lol but i have 4 different pots that attach to the gun , these are the 4 different strengths i offer and i just keep 100ml in them all the time , i dont ever pour it back into the bottles as it just spills everywhere ! I just top them back up to 100ml when i get home at the end of the day . I use Tantrick xxxxx
I have a cheap (and old) plastic funnel that I now keep for my tanning kit and I always empty my solution from the tan gun back into the original solution bottle. Ever since I started and haven't noticed a problem. I am with Sienna X and don't know if it is OK with this solution but not yours. Anyway, using the funnel means very little waste, barely drips, and everything gets washed up nicely on a daily basis.

Caroline x
Yes I do the same thing but with a plastic jug pour it back into the bottle.
The only time I pour back into the original bottle is when I clean my cups, while in use, I just top-up the bottles between tans with no problems at all.
Hi I pour mine back in the bottle as I too use a funnel so no waste.
I use Sienna X and it works well, as I always put more than I need in my pot that is attached to the gun just to make sure it doesnt run out.
hia i also pour solution back in bottle ,as long as it hasnt been out for hoursx
I bought a st tropez machine and the girl taught us never to pour the tan back in the bottle. At the end of the day you jus take the cup off and screw the cup lid on, then you have a spare wash and dry cup to use for cleaning the machine. When you next need to use it you just screw the cup with spray in it back on the gun. Is this something you could maybe do?
I have always poured mine back into the bottle and I trained with Vani-T, so it is absolutely fine xxx
Thanks for that guys. Sounds like it is fine to pour it back in. I will give it a go.

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