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Sep 24, 2009
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A regular nail client had full leg & underarm waxing done yesterday, she's previously had it done but yesterday was my first time of waxing her.
Shed already joked on previous nail appointments that she was "a beast with very thick body hair" (her words not mine!!) I used a warm cream wax in her legs & hot wax on her arm pits,
I really struggled with both areas, the legs because some of the hairs just wouldn't shift & her underarms because the hairs crisscross crossed all over!!
For future waxing with this client which wax would be better for her legs & is there anyway to help with the crisscross crossing of hair growth in her underarms?
With regards to the underarm wax, make sure you are using a top quality hot wax and apply in smaller patches. If you look closely it's likely that although the hairs grow in all directions there will be groups of hairs growing the same way.

Make sure you remove all your patches in the right direction for the majority of the hair growth for each patch, and as long as the skin is ok, wax back over in the opposite direction to pick up any stubborn hairs growing the other way.

I know how rubbish this can be to deal with at first, as my underarm hair grows exactly like this and so does my sisters, luckily I practiced on them a lot when I started waxing!!

I agree. If the hair is growing in a general direction, just apply a good hot wax and remove, then re-apply to the hairs that remain.

With the legs, it's too expensive to use hot wax so use strip wax but make her wait 4 weeks or you'll be forever chasing the hairs. Make your clients behave themselves:)
Thankyou ladies, what hot wax would you recommend?
She did say it was the least painful under arm wax she'd had x
Thankyou ladies, what hot wax would you recommend?
She did say it was the least painful under arm wax she'd had x

I use Perron Rigot and have also been waxed with it -I love it!
I use Berins wax and clients always comment how much less painful it is.
I'm with Angelina :)

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