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Sep 4, 2004
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Swindon, England
I was recently sent some samples from Young Nails and among the bits theye sent were some abrasives....... I've been using a 150/150 zebra file and a 180/180 padded buffer, and OMG they are fantastic!!!

I've been using both since 24th September and both are still doing a great job 3 weeks on..... I use the 150/150 for debulking for a rebalance and the padded 180/180 when I'm finishing..... They're not the cheapest abrasives around but on a value for money basis looking at the number of services I'm getting from each I think they're wicked!

Anyway, always happy to pass on info on new things and YN customer service is great. Link to website here :: Distinctive Nail Products :: Young Nails :: The Nail Professional's Partner :: Products ::

good to know vetty - are they cheaper than Creative files?
good to know vetty - are they cheaper than Creative files?

No, they're more expensive than the 180/100 Hotshot, but last loads longer..... I've seriously used the one I've got for almost every appt for the last 3 weeks and it's still got life in it! I'll PM the price.
Thanks for sharing hun x

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