recording clients on pc ?


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Feb 28, 2003
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Cannock Staffordshire
hi all

just thought id ask i know you all may fill out a client record card
but is there any of you that do it all on the computer?

as im due to open my shop soon
i was thinking of having my pc in the shop and storing all the clients details on my pc
rather than filling out cards like im used too as im constantly buying new cards for the box
thought this may be easier also may look a bit more professional

also when im not so busy i can keep up with the posts in the day time too

if any of you do this interesting to know what programme you use
just some ideas im after

thanks in advance

best way is to use a simple database program such as MS Access or it's baby brother in MS Works. If you need help - PM me - I was in IT before kids & nails.

This is pretty easy to use and often comes free with a PC.

BEWARE - you must register with data protection. It is a very serious offence if you do not.
Call me 'old fashioned' dearies, but I like to have my CRC's right at my desk so I can fill out the treatment I perform and the condition of the nails, polish colour and any retail sales ... then and there.

No way
could I fill in 10-12 CRC's at the end of the day ... my brain would be fried by then. I fill out the cards at each and every treatment no matter if the client has been coming for 12 years - and some of them have!!

Pull all CRC's at the start of the day and have them all at the table - having them to hand also keeps you straight as to who is due and in what order. Couldn't live without them.

at my work which is a hairdressers we use the computer for bookings but i have to use the consultation cards because the programme is not set up for asking questions.

Cazza :D :D
hi there

yes i know what you mean about having client records to hand
but i am going to have my pc at the reception desk

so when i have finshed the clients treatment i can then take them to the desk where theyd pay me and then i could tap up there details
and add them accordingly

do you know what i mean...............?
just thought it looked professional and lot less writing and maybe a little more organised if i could get the right lay out on pc

i.e chart for each client

i know what i mean if noone else does LOL

thanks for the imput on this though guys really helps
to see what you all think on this

thanks again

Ok Hayley - you have inspired me now - my old IT noodle is off and raring to go. I have started a serious peice of software for this now - I don't hang about on these things. Should be able to get it to interface with Sage or similar to do your accounts / tax return automatically too. Maybe even do a palm pilot version for mobile techs or something.

I see it as recording referrals by clients to give them rewards, marketing data, stock control, service cost evaluation, bookings etc. etc.

I am nearly as obsessive about this type of thing as nails (only nearly!)

If anyone wants to mail me with ideas or requests (or concerns) for what this software will do, I will give a years free use of it to anyone who contributes (if they want that is!)

you go girl LOL

yes well you do your best ella
you seem to know your stuff

i know what i want but cant design it
i wish i did a course on computers at college
im quite good on it on certain things reformating etc
but when it comes to things that pps things easy i dont

but on the subject of client records i do think its less paper work
and a lot more professional looking

do you guys ???????

come on lets have your views on this ?

I use paper ones and always have done. I also enter details after the client has gone only in terms of a cash receipt. This allows me to do all of the reporting I like to do - stock, income for the month etc. etc.

I was at the dentist recently and they had trouble with their computer - they couldnt work out how much to charge me and they couldnt work out a 6 month appointment - I stood there for ages, a large queue formed etc. etc.

How professional does that look :rolleyes:
well fiona

i think everything has its advantages and disadvantages

but this pc filing suits me

but may not suit everyone else !
I have all my clients cards ready at the start of the day and do filing, stock and other bits that i need to do at the end of the day. PCs do have a habit of crashing when you least need it so wouldn`t you need backup of some sort in case.
Also, the client cannot sign on the PC to say she is satisfied with her treatment, how would this fair with insurance
Yes debs your quite right there as regards signing

maybe the filling system for the pc would be ok
and then just get the client to sign a disclaimer for our records

anyone else out there use a pc for client records ?
or written cards instead ?

great to hear the response

thanks all for the ideas x ;)
Well, I think it would be good to have both. I like the CRC's because thats what I have.

I like to let the client see what I am writing as well, so that they know I have paid attention to what products they bought or what nail colour they had on. Also, if I need them to initial after the service then they can do that.

Like you say, everything has it's advantages and disadvantages. So even though it may be a complete pain and more work, if you have their details stored in two places then if the computer crashes or if you loose their card, then you have a second copy elsewhere.

This could be a complete dense idea of mine that you may find lots of faults with! :oops: (If it is then let me know, so that I don't do it!) :D
Right girls
I use a Palm pilot for client records as we have two locations we work from................
We syncronise this at the end of each working week.
We still have paper record cards, as we need the clients to sign them.......
Just a thought though.........If you hold client records on a PC you will need to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.............
You have to register each PC terminal user to protect the privacy rights of you clients........................

here is a link and you can download the application form..........
If you want to use a PC for record keeping then this is a must .............
The Data Protection Public Register
Completing the Notification Form On-Line [4b]

Just a thought
love Ruth xxxx
Maybe if the receptionist could do all the input that would be OK, but for me, I never had time to go to a till and cash the client out as there was always another whose service I had to start.

I used to say if I could insert a feeding tube a drinking straw a catheter and a telephone head set, Id have the perfect set up for doing non stop nails. :D

Also I do not see anything 'unprofessional' about paper record cards at all.
These are my opinions that you asked for even if not all agree with them. For an appointment system and stock control etc, computer fine, but my client record cards I like to keep personal.

computer records also make it easier for a member of staff to 'steal' all the names and details of your clients too - and most of us with staff have had that one happen!! :evil: AND lastly from the client's point of view, I avoid if possible anyone keeping my details on their system ... so there you have it.
You also have to think about the proximity of your computer and your nail desk to keep dust to a minimum. Dust can be a computer's worst enemy.
Hayzl Nails, I'm so glad you started a thread abou this, i have been WRACKING my brains trying to think of a really good way to put it all on a PC and Ella - what a star! Let me know when you've finished, I've had a small amount of training in Access and definitely would like some tips on how to get going... :D

I was even thinking of putting an appointment system on my website so that customers at work, can quickly log on and book the slot they want, if i'm busy i can change the slots to taken or busy or something....

As far as the PC programme goes it would be really good to be able to fill in a form with the customers details and when they've finished their treatment you can add it to the bottom or something. When they initially come they could sign something that covers for insurance...?

I dunno, probably spouting crap here but i got all excited when i saw this thread

I do like using CRC's but i'm sure with technology the way it is these days, there's a way PC's can make things easier for us! :D
I have recentely ordered a salon software package from to use in my salon.
I can't tell you how good it is as of yet, for it isn't installed, but like you. I also want to keep the records on the puter....
This program is supposed to keep track of EVERYTHING... from client cards to my quarterly's.... and comes with a cash drawer, receipt printer, and bar code scanner.
It is a bit pricey ( $1695.00 US $) but I am thinking worth every penny.( They do have a payment plan)
Another salon owner that I know has this system, and says he couldn't live without it....
I am planning on devising some type of "satisified with service record sheet" that I can keep at my station, and collect the signatures. I have even be entertaining keeping the profile cards at my station, and entering them at the end of the day. Double work, but the program is supposed to keep track of everything.... including reminding me of birthdays....
I will keep you posted. The software system is supposed to be arriving any day now.
Best of luck to you,
hi guys

just been going through all your replies on this
its great to see what you all think
and i have taken into account all what you have said

i thought maybe i could do a print off of some sort so then the client could sign that for my records

as for being busy doing nails all day ........well some how dont think ill be that busy that i cant stop to take the money and fill out details

alot of you guys are far more busier than me and have far more experience thats why i value all your opionions

thanks ruth on the data protaction act link
i will do so if i choose to take this option of client record filing

as its a new shop i will be opening just doing nails
at the beginning i dont wish to employ anyone as there all my clients
that i have been doing anyway
obviously if it gets buiser which i hope then i will then have to consider
employing someone

but i do understand all your points that you have mentioned

thanks all

much appreciated

Hi all,

I have to say I use a P C in the place I work, ad for stock control, bonuses, client history, it's way easier than the CRC'S that I used for years!!!!!

Kat xxx
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