Refund for wax gone wrong


I done a client an eyebrow wax and tint- it was the second/ third time I have had this client.

This time for some reason the skin in her eyebrows have peeled of leaving it scabbed.

The temperature of the wax is always the same- she said it didn’t feel too hot so I know it’s not because of the temperature of the wax.

Once I done them she asked for extra lotion as she gets psoriasis so to remove any wax residue on the eyelids too- there wasn’t wax on the eyelids but I used oil to wipe over the whole area to make sure it was removed and wasn’t sticky.

The next day she emailed to say the skin has come of- I only went over the area once- what could the reason be?

She wasn’t on any medication, she hadn’t been swimming or soaked in bath/ shower- I said it could be if she’s using a certain cream that causes the skin to thin, or being on her period could make her skin sensitive.

I offered her a eyebrow wax and tint free of charge once her eyebrows healed as an apology.

She didn’t want this she wants a refund for the wax and the tint and said she won’t be coming back.

Should I refund for both the tint and wax or just the wax?


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Has she sent a photo of her eyebrow as evidence? Unfortunately there are a few out there who like to try it on to see what they can get. If it does seem to be scabbed over it could be skin lift? This can be caused by the wax strip not being entirely parallel against the skin when removing, and is especially important with clients who have got skin disorders such as psoriasis as they are likely to be more sensitive. Easily done! To save hassle and if you can afford to I’d probably refund the whole treatment as a sign of goodwill, however nobody could blame you if you decided to refund for the wax alone as the tint was not an issue! I hope this helps x

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I had this happen to me once, I was the client.
I can't say I blame her for not wanting to take you up on the free offer.
Mine was painful and took a while to heal, I did not want to go back and have it redone by the same salon and risk it happening again.
I would refund the whole amount as a gesture of goodwill but only after you have seen photographic proof.


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I feel for you and sometimes there is no obvious reason for it. I would probably offer her a gentle facial treatment cleanse, mask ,tone, moisturise to maintain contact and show you care about retaining her if she no longer has her brows done.
A photo would have been good evidence.
However using hard wax will not affect her skin in the same way as strip wax . So trying a small microwaveable hard wax for the more sensitive clients may work to give an alternative to strip wax. I keep one in for the few mobiles and delicate clients in as strip wax is really my main thing.
One tip I stick to is only using the tiniest amount of wax to just do the under arch area and then pluck at the more delicate area between lid and brow on such clients, If there are hairs there too. Minimising the wax area so to speak.
I hope she comes back to you as you have shown a caring approach.
Good wishes


If she had psoriasis she will be prone to dry skin. I know it seems contradictory to apply a moisturizer before a wax because we are told it acts as a barrier and this is where you can use this property to your advatnage. Pre wax cleanser should take enough of the moisrturizer off the hair and not the skin for the wax to grip the hair and not the skin. The skin will soak it up greedily but the hair wont. The wax has probably gripped the hair and the dry epidermis and removed both. Really you couldn't predict if this would happen. So if someone suffers from dry skin its worth just popping a moisturizer on the place you about to wax to prevent this. Its much better to have to go over with wax again than remove a few layers of the epidermis.

Hope this helps

Nicky x