Hi, hope you don't mind I've popped over from Nail Geeks & was hoping someone would be able to help (if this needs going to consumers be grateful if someone could move as on phone app & couldn't find consumer forum) - my Mum's spotted Rejuvalash online, apparently an eyelash treatment that promotes lash growth & ultimately makes them longer & thicker. She asked if I've heard of it (I haven't until she asked me) & wondered if any of you beauty geeks have heard of it & whether it's any good or if she would be wasting her money on it & better off to have semi-perm lash extensions.

Tia & sorry again if I'm in the wrong place,

Claire Xx

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Not tried that one but I do have some Li Lash (order it from the states) which has really made a massive difference to my own lashes which were quite long anyway! It's expensive but worth it x
Thank you hun, I'll look it up & point her towards that, I'm just a bit of a skeptic on things like this without 'real people' reviews lol xx

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