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Nov 13, 2011
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Lincoln, England
I cut a lady with tight affro curls and yesterday when I did her hair she mentioned about having it chemically straightened/relaxed. I've done chemically straightening a couple of times in the salon a few years ago now when trying out a new product but not on affro hair and I've not done in since. Just wondering if she decides to go ahead with it what sort of product is best to use?
I have just done a keratin blowdry on a young girl with Afro hair and the results were amazing!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! It leaves the hair so shiny, in great condition and looked terrific!
If you like I will upload some pics x
Oh yes please I'd love to see some pics!
Could you tell me the products you used to do it as well please and I will start researching! Thanks x
Hi, I used Rio Keratin, it give you advice on the process time and because of the type of hair in particular I went the whole hog and did it over 72 hours so I did the first part of the treatment and went on to see the client 3 days later to finish the process and I have checked on her a month later and she is loving it!
It is important to advise the client not to use hair grips etc during the interim.

Here is there website with lots of great info


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Wow, great results!
My client has extremely tight afro curls though compared to yours, do you know what kind of result to expect from that? x
hello, I am also trained in afro hair. You are best using a no-lye relaxe called Affirm and has a patented conditioing formula in it. I have used it since I qualified and have done for 10 years, it is a professional kit and comes in different strengths and for types of hair condition. With my application method clients hardly feel any sensation(burning/tingling) on scalp, a common thing but your reputation builds on this if client doesn't feel any sensation .
Is it all curly and natural, no previous chemical straightening? I can guide on on what to do
My clients before pic is the result of her brushing trying to flatten it, I should have took pics with some pinned up too in hindsight as it was really curly and frizzy underneath, the hardest part of finishing was her natural kiss curls at the front but we got there. I think this would be perfect on your client and kind too, have a look at the site and do some googling.

I would look into both options discussed to give your client the best information possible to allow you both to make an informed choice, I will say there is no sensation with rio keratin but you do need to be ventilated LOL

Keep us all posted on your findings and best of luck

K x

BTW, my client did loads of homework herself once I discussed it with her due to bad experiences with relaxers previously, she said her hair had been left dull and lifeless and was so excited and now the results speak for themselves x
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Wow just watched the video and that product looks amazing! How much did you charge your client for the treatment? x

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