Renting space in a hair salon - how does it work?

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I have been offered space to do beauty in a Hair Salon for one day a week (Saturdays) for £25 a day. I currently work from home doing beauty, but am only recently going full-time so am building up a full-time client base at the mo. I plan to take on the work at the salon alongside my work at home.

It turns out it is not actually a room, but a small space in the small hair salon right next to the hair stations, so I would actually only be able to do nails and not beauty. I’m concerned about the proximity of the space to the hair stations – hair flying about, hairspray etc, client comfort, discretion etc...

She has suggested that I bring my clients with me, but she has also been receiving lots of interest, so she will keep and manage my diary for the Saturdays at the hair salon and only five out the number of the hair salon, not my number. Therefore I would get new passing trade and I would I guess give my clients the salon’s number if they want a Saturday appointment with me, or have to faff around finding out what’s available to offer my clients..... if anyone does this, how does it usually work?

She has now also indicated that I should not advertise or make known my home business (keep it separate) and therefore I can’t use my current brochures, business cards or uniforms and towels (all have my business name on) and that I should think of a new name just for use at the hair salon and get new brochures done just for the one day I do at the hair salon. But obviously my clients will know about the salon and I will bring my clients to the salon where poss... although I won't be able to offer them beauty at the salon, which means I can only book my clients in for nails on Saturday and often clients will book nails and wax/brow shape/tint etc... so I would have to book them at other times at home. Also if someone comes into the salon asking for beauty treatments, I can’t let them know that I do them, so can’t pass them my brochure for this....

Sorry I wont go on as this post is getting very long and I don’t want to put you off reading it!! I’m just a bit confused and as I’m not very savvy on this sort of arrangement, I would like the views and advice of you geeks :o Thank you!
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I rent out the beauty room for £15 a day if on a full time basis or £30 a day if single days. I am now advertising for a nail tech to rent our desk for the same deal.

Tbh this doesn't sound good at all, I get that you want passing trade, but I the salon isn't nice then will you get it?
Plus that's a lot of outlay just to please her, when you should be in charge of marketing etc as your self employed.

Kim xx

Hi Jo

Your post is full of the negatives of taking the space, almost like you're trying to convince yourself it's not a good idea!

It don't sound great to me, I wouldn't take it.

Have another read of your post and follow your instincts.

Kathie x

to be honest its not like ur offering hair services so i dont see what the issue would be with keeping ur own name and just putting it as
(enter your business name) @ (enter salon name)

Just for saturdays seems a bit extreme and what does it matter if u advertise ur business completely seperate things, u rent space at the salon shes not ur boss shes just someone ur in business with in a sense end of the day its ur business ur more then entitled to have ur say on how u want things the contracts between the 2 of u not just her, surely it makes sense to advertise to both mobile and salon clients each others business?! benefits u both then!

i'd b very cautious as to me it doesnt sound like a very good deal to b honest! x

Thanks so much for your responses geeks, really really helpful:)
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