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Jan 15, 2012
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Wirral UK
Just thought I would share this. I put an add on Gumtree, well two actually one for hair services and one for holistic. I had two responses for massage, both male. The first was a bit dodgy as he emailed and left his number for me to ring him, which I did. He was foreign and spoke very little English and it seems he wanted a full body massage. He lived a good bit away and said he didn't mind travelling. I wasn't happy with the whole thing but booked him in when my partner was home (I have a home salon). Any way on reflection I felt more uncomfortable about it so cancelled him. The second lived local and seemed to know what he wanted in a massage and also wanted a back wax, which I don't do. After a couple of emails he asked if it was ok to ring to book in. On the day of his appointment he arrived on time but said he only came to tell me he couldn't stay as he had turned out to be busy, but to pay for the appointment. How nice of him. I hope he rebooks, he said he would when he was free. Just goes to show how nice some people are. The first guy may have been ok too I just didn't feel happy with the conversation.

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