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Aug 15, 2010
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I trained in Star Nails Gell in 1999/CND Manicure 2001/Essential Nails Airbrush in 2001, unfortunatly [stupidly] I havn't done a single set in aprox 5 yrs & now would like to do Acrylic [my hairdresser even said she'd rent a space to me] so my questions are....

1] Will I have to start from scratch or could I do a conversion class?

2] I have seen Popits & Inverted Forms, which is more versatile? Pros/cons of each? Should I charge less for this service? after all there's no glue/tips to purchace[especially Popits as they are reuseable].

3] I've ordered NSI Attraction trial kit to practice on my nail trainer but not sure which brand I will end up using. I read [I think on here] The Edge is at the lower end of the market but I'm swaying towards EZFlow [I love their range of colours] even though they seem expensive.So all opinions welcome.

by the way I was previously a forum member but had to register again[changed internet providers].
I think you may have to do a conversion course if you haven't done nails for a few years. Why don't you do a set on a friend and see how they turn out.:) You could also buy a couple of trial kits from a few different companys and have a play around to get the feel of the product to maybe give you an idea on which one you like best.
I agree a conversion class would be fab for you getting back into nails, it would give you an up to date qualification , and if you pick the right class a full kit to work with :)
I did mine with CND London and got everything I needed including a great teacher :)

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