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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK
I've got a lady coming in for l&p enhancements, and she's a terrible nail biter with absolutely rock hard cuticles !!! I've tried softening them with cuticle remover and pushing them back, but the little beggars just won't budge! They cover half of what little nail plate she has and look terrible....does anyone have any advice on how to get rid ?
I would suggest that she would benefit from a manicure and some home maintenance prior to the enhancement procedure.

I use a cuticle cream, then soak for several minutes before my first gentle push back. Then I use cuticle remover and tools to remove as much of the cuticle off the nail plate as possible. Finally, I use cuticle nippers with great care to remove as much excess as possible. I think the client would benefit from using oil day and night and also a cuticle treatment that has a glycolic acid content (I think that's what I mean!) which continues to clear the cuticle off the nail plate as it attempts to grow back and get stuck again!

My daughter is a bad nail biter or should I say "skin chewer" :lol: , and I performed just such a manicure on her recently. My trouble is I cannot get her to do the maintenance!!!

Lots of manicures including softening treatments and solar oil will help.
thanks,i'll advise her to just have regular manicures for now and try and persuade her to leave the enhancements for now! I've been using cuticle remover without much success, so she's gonna have to help me out here a bit by not chewing them, and trying to coax them gently back with handcream and oils! Easier said than done !!!
Gtr her to use Nail Magic Cuticle cream, I get it from Ellisons, its quite cheap, but if she uses it a couple of times a day after a week, a lot of that hard cuticle can be removed very easily
Why not add in a parafin wax treatment? that could help the tough blighters?
As was said before loads of good solar oil and maybe think of doing a couple of intensive oil treatments with a manicure. That should help to shift the stubborn wotsits.
soak the nails in warm water and solar oil for about 5 minutes then use a cutical STONE to remore any dead skin from the nails - works a treat
Thanx geeks for all your help...i'm gonna try all of them out,one by one....something's gotta shift those beggars!!!
Biters cuticels what a pain.but here is what I do.................
The week before their booked enhancement appointment they come in for a super manicure............
I remove all non living tissue, well what I can get rid off............

Then I send them home with a tube of CND Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil and cotton gloves... ...They apply this every night before they go to bed, pack it nicely round the cuticles, in the morning it has softened the cuticles and if they do this until they come back to me, any nasty hard skin left, will be a push over........or push off.........
The trick is using the eraser and the oil together...............
thanx for that ruth ... i hadn't thought of using cotton gloves to allow it to soak in you know if i can buy the cuticle eraser ok, with not being CND qualified?
Of course you can Mandy, you can buy anything if you are a professional tech except the Liquid and Powder and now probably the Brisa (although not 100% sure on the Brisa LOL).
thanks fiona...i thought i'd seen it somewhere that i could get things from creative but not the l&p, but wasn't sure !!
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