Roller wax sterilising heads?


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So I’ve been told by Ellison’s that I’m going to need new roller heads for each client when we return back, that just isn’t economically viable! I was going to use sanitising roller head cleaner then sterilise them in a sterilising tray but that’s not enough apparently? So do I resort back to normal wax pot while this COVID 19 is going on? I’ve tried the phd system in my old salon and didn’t get on with it, the tubes splitting and the applicator dragging a bit etc, I don’t know what to do?


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I use ellisons a lot and have great faith in them but on this question I'm not sure they are telling you correct information.

  • With a roller wax system follow the manufacturers' instructions on how to use & clean
  • Wear gloves to perform the treatment as usual
  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin you are going to work on with a proper antibacterial solution as usual.
  • Don't go back over any area that has spots of blood or fluid
  • Extra for COVID - therapist wears a visor

Personally I shall give clients a mask to wear plus me in visor / mask despite government setting out only visor needed.
If you are waxing an area under the mask then just get them to remove the mask immediately before wax application and replace as soon as you have put the after wax gel on.
Private message me if you want to discuss further.


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I emailed the manufacturer and even they said ‘we would advise extra caution with the roller heads during this time’ so can we still use the roller wax system? I will of course be using the visor and all the extra precautions needed etc etc but will we need a brand new roller head for each client?

Gemma Slough

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I’m thinking the same. I use roller head system too and Even if we were to dispose of roller head between each person (which is not viable) surely the client would breath onto the cartridge Too? My cartridges are in and out of the heater like yo yo’s do we can’t sterilize those every time we’ve put them near a clients face? I’m thinking of just not offering waxing full stop until I feel it’s safe‍. I mainly only do nails anyway. Also I’m mobile so I’m not keen on carting round a wax pot.
spatula and pot are probably the only safe way currently with not re dipping same spatula into pot twice


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Fixed roller heads are disposed after every client in any case. I use a full roller for full leg wax then it’s empty. I dint use rollers on the face so I guess that’s the only time you’d use the same roller on different clients. I use wax pot for facial waxing. I’d say use disposable roller cartridges instead of refilling and reusing the rollers.