Saved a contaminated brush!


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Jul 20, 2006
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Gold Coast, Australia
I have two brushes that have had yellow discolouration for the past six months. From the geeks I found out how I managed to mess them up in the first place (leaving them soaked with monomer after use, instead of wiping them dry).

So, yesterday I had left my "good" brushes at work, and I really wanted to do a friend's nails. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I washed them in liquid handsoap, rinsed well, and dried them (Ta, nailzoo ;) ). Then I dunked them in monomer and wiped them on a dental mat to see if they were discolouring. One of them had to have a second wash in soap, but now they are both fine!

So, if it's a decision between washing them out in handsoap (and rinsing REALLY well) or chucking them out, why not give the handsoap a go?
I do wash mine out like this all the time now and have no problems what so ever.

You can buy a soap for sable brushes.
Thanks for that from both of you, hand soap and soap for brushes, very useful tips:hug:
Just a tip that I learned on my make up artist course for the make up brushes. I've not tried it on nail brushes, but if a brush is made of real hair (as opposed to nylon etc which this isn't right for), you should wash it with hair shampoo and condition it with hair conditioner. Makes sense if you think about it!! Obviously you rinse very very well!
a natural shampoo is best, one that doesn't have silicone in it, you definitely don't need silicone build up in your nail brush.

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