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michelle g

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Jun 2, 2005
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hi i have recently had back surgery which has left me with the question can i continue doing nails full time? sensible answer NO, so i am frantically trying to totally turn my business around so as i dont have to give up work altogether.
I have a nail and beauty salon in a busy high street and am considering getting sunbeds as there is only one other sunbed shop in town and they are very expensive and busy all the time, the idea is to get a beautician and nail technician in and then i can soley concentrate on the business side of things and the sunbeds. my question is do i reopen my salon with a new name, new opening times, new prices etc or do i keep it the same and just add the beds?
my beautician has just left and opening up on her own so i need something to attract new clients and to keep the old ones and i think sunbeds could be the answer to all my problems.( well hoping) i really dont want to give up on my business that i have had for 4 years. any suggestions? sorry for the long post x
Hi Michelle,

I suffer from serious back problems too. There's lots of everyday things that cause me problems, but sitting down on a comfortable chair, doing nails, is not one of them. Hopefully as you heal, things won't be as bad as you fear.

Sunbeds could definitely bring you in extra money but be careful as the initial purchase price (around £7K to £8K each) can take a while to recover.
yes they are very expensive so was thinking more of leasing them.
its comforting to know that you are able to do nails with back problems
so hopefully fingers crossed things may not be too bad after all.
Definatly keep the same name just add the beds. I think it looks to clients that you are just improving your business, & you have 4 years of clients & got your business established etc, plus you would cost yourself possible thousands more pounds, new leaflets, new logo, new website, paperwork, shop signs, a-board, advertising etc etc.

Also if you have the room have you thought about getting power plates?


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