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Jul 24, 2010
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hi, i'm hoping someone can give some advice on beginners beauty training courses in scotland - I have been considering doing a course at either ct academy glasgow or carlton glasgow and would welcome some feedback from anyone who has trained at these places - the other one I have looked at is saks glasgow (expensive) but is it a case of what you pay is what you get? help please!!!
hi geeks - no replies to my thread onwhere to train in glasgow - perhaps no-one has trained there???? views and help would be greatly appreciated - thanx

Sorry I have not been to any of these colleges but know a couple that have been to cta and liked it. I guess it depends on what sort of course you are looking to do...

I'm not much help to you but suggest you do a search in the search bar for previous threads on these colleges to see if it helps you with your decision.

All the best

Denise x
I would have thought the best place to train in Beauty Therapy in Glasgow would be at any of the Colleges. The best Beauty therapists I know have their HND in Beauty therapy. I know this is a full time course, therefore I am not sure if it is suitable for you, but if you are serious about making aliving as a beauty therapist then you should look into it. Good Colleges are :
Central College, Glasgow
James Watt College , Greenock
Clydebank College, Clydebank.

Without knowing what part of Glasgow/Scotland you are from it ids difficult to give more.

I am sure some girls on here have trained with the fast track courses you have mentioned, but I think they are still only working mobile for themselves doing the treatments they trained in, to be employed by a salon you would require at the very least NVQ qualifications, and preferably an HND.
I haven't trained in any beauty courses at either of these places so can't help there. I would love to one day study beauty and I'd be looking at one of the colleges Izzidoll mentioned. There is sooooo much to learn. I don't think I'd pick it all up and work to the level I want to from a fast track course.

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