Scratch - it has finally arrived!!!


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Jan 28, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
The magazine arrived on my doormat this morning. Looks a very interesting read.

More later .. time permitting ... !

Got mine yesterday... Really like the fresh layout and approach... its one to subscribe to.
I give it a :thumbsup:
Well I'm sulking, it's Thursday and mine still hasn't arrived!! (

Suey x
Alex was getting some mags in today so maybe yours will be in the post
Take care Dawnie
I have my magazine, already read it from cover to cover and will be a subscriber.
ordered mine yesterday and it arrived today. havent had time to read yet,looks good though ,
ordered mine last friday still not arrived yet though

But from the sounds of things it's worth waiting for

Been in the smoke for a week.... did ya miss me :?: :huh: Yup - Alex can be very proud - GREAT magazine and first edition - did you all like the cover - i think that it's an outstanding image (biased of course) - we are all thrilled with the layout and the info - long it may it continue - WELL DONE SCOTT AND ALEX x :thumbsup:
Well, having just discovered this website in the last couple of days, I can honestly say I am really impressed. :D
I found out about Scratch and that the first issue was free by logging onto here, so I gave them a call yesterday and I am now just waiting for it to come through my letterbox! 8)

I am also really excited because it will be the first ever Nail Magazine I have had! :D How sad am I!
Well i rang up the number spoke to a really nice man who was really polite, he said i would receive my copy the next day and low and behold i did!!!

Well impressed the mag looks ace i am just going to put my feet up have a brew and read away!!!

Thanx everyone for posting the number.

Lou xxx :D
got mine this morning,

Looks good, feels good, it's got my vote. A lot of adverts in it, but then thats only to be expected, they have to raise the money some how,
but it's worth subscribing too in my humble oppinion.
Well done to all involved.
Love Ruth xxxx

P.S. Yes Sam we did miss ya, which big smoke, shurley not London????
If it was London, why didn't we do lunch lol????
Nailsinlondon1 said:
P.S. Yes Sam we did miss ya, which big smoke, shurley not London????If it was London, why didn't we do lunch lol????

Of course London - next time girlfriend :thumbsup: was up to my eyes in LFW for September and PR - LOVE THE SMOKE!!! Love, love love it!! 8) BTW Ruth - the UG salon on Beachamp Place is looking for a Ruth and Faye - we must talk - I think of you for so many situations!!! :D ;)
Well I'm still sulking, and waiting for my copy! looks like I'll have to pick up the phone, and I must stop reading all your posts about how good it is!!grrr!! lol

Suey x
Well wat can i say my mother has said it all (no suprise there).. she phoned me early this morning(as it was my DAY OFF) and said have you checked your post (little did she know , that i had been up for hours and was at lakeside meeting my wonderful daddy :D yes i am a crawler)
and then said to mother dearest yes i got my copy this morning and by then had read it three times whilst waiting for the bus and again whilst i was on the bus..... I LOVE IT .......... I AM SUBSCRIBING ASAP........
take care .... love faye xx(ruths one and only ;) )
It' here! It's here!

My copy of Scratch is finally here!

Yay! :D

Now I'm off to go read it! BYE!
I STILL don't have my copy!!

Everyday I run down stairs to grab the post,but alas its not there!!
I am DESPERATE to read it, after all the praise you guys have given it. I'm gonna give them a call & chase it!!! :(
i didn't get my copy either so i rang them up and spoke to a very nice man called scott he told me he would put one in the post and i would get it the next day, well 2 days later still nothing so i rang back and he said this time he would send me a copy recorded delivery to make sure i got it next morning came i went downstairs and what do you think 3 copies all lying there together !!!! to top it all when i went to my salon there was another copy waiting for me there aswell so i now have 4 copies

:D :D :D
I have just read all your posts and I am soooooo happy. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words - I am over the moon that you have enjoyed it and are eager for issue number 2.
Today it was finished so give it 2 weeks and you will have Scratch number 2.

Beware - the cover is a shocker!!!!!!!

lots of love Alex Fox - editor :D :
Ooo my word!!! :D Gotta get my subscription in - hope I'm not too late!!!


me too karen i almost forgot

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