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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
I'd love to know what you all think about this.

I have a client who has had gel extensions, a little longer than I had advised, but not too long. At first she was great, only breaking them under normal circumstances - if at all. Then she kept breaking lots of them, even within days of her maintenance. I tried building up the stress area and shortened them a bit, then she told me she had seen her doctor about excessive sctratching. She even wakes herself up doing it.

Do you think this could explain the amount of breakages she has had? I have removed her nails until her doctor solves her scratching.

I don't have this problem on anyone else.
This scratching could be stress related................

Natural nails are much sharper, and the scratching is felt more intensely.....So they normally don't tend to scratch that hard, or the natural nail would brake........................

What you could do is,build up the stress area and bevel the free edge, so it's not so rounded............ she wont scratch so hard to get the relieve ......I hope this makes sense..............

Yes his can explain why she brakes them, in order to feel the relieve from scratching, she would do this much harder if she has enhancements on..

just a thought
Applying pressure 'backwards' on the free edge is one of the most common causes for breakage.

The tip is only adhered with adhesive which is only so strong. Naturally it is going to break if pulled on too hard.

Things to particularly watch are:

Grabbing and pulling laundry out of the washer.
Filing (as in documents). Office workers typically 'work their way through files by flipping through them with their nails.
Using nails as tools, to pick or pull at things.

Wearers have to use some common sense here.
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