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Jan 11, 2003
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First off........I finally got my new license :)

It took almost 2mths of fighting with them to get the dang thing, after they screwed up :frust:

I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things..I've done 1 full set and 1 fill in, well plus my own nails( god that was a pain)

I normaly do tips with acrylic overlay, but i'm either makin them to thin at the tip or just a lil to thick!
I use Tammy Taylor products, I love them, i've talked to rep and she wants me to go to their 8 hr class, i just don't have that kind of money right...... anyways...

I have a few problems, 1) the consistency 2) to close to the cuticle 3) I can't do sculptures :(

They come out to thin and thick with a awful C curve!!!!!

I need advice!!!!

I was thinking about callin some local schools to see if they offer a refresher class... it has been 6 yrs :shock:

I want a job so bad doin nails, but I won't do anything until I'm happy with what I do.....I have a standing job offer, but I do have a problem, i'm a perfectionist!!!

Any help and/or advice would be great!!!!!!!

I am sure I am not the best person to help but I will try :D
consistency if to wet this could be causeing the problem at the cuticle the product would run into the cuticle.
Put the bead onto the tip. Do not move or touch it with your brush and wait for 5-7seconds. If the bead reduces by half in height and (runs) almost doubles in diameter it is too wet. If the bead looks slightly cloudy and stays virtually the same height and shape it is too dry. A medium- wet bead will only loose about 25% of its height and increase in diameter by about 25%.
The best way forward is to practice practice on your freinds family ect...anyone who will sit still long enough :D
As for sculpture I myself am going to be doing a course later in the year to perfect that area so sorry cant help there :(
Good luck
Take care Dawnie xx
Why not contact my good friend Irma in Miami -- [email protected] ---
She runs a nail school there and is a VERY good trainer/educator. Don't know where you are in Florida (by the way my brother lives in Sarasota) but Irma knows EVERYONE to do with nails and she will be able to tell you someone near to you who can help.
I called a school here locally... The offer a refresher class( or called contiuning education).... It's about 100.00 for a 20 hr coarse, they go over everything, fiber/silks.... gels... and acrylics... they use Creative at the school, which is fine , since I have a hard time with that product.....I'm excited, kinda looking forward to gettin out of the house some :D

I'm in Ocala. Florida.. We have only 3 schools here, one is the college( they wanted me to take the full 240hrs..) and the other one isn't even worth the time or money ( they wanted 700.00 to do a refresher :shocker: .....They have no clue what they r doing!!!! and this one is new, they opened it b/c of the other school being sooo poorly trained....

The women who have it seem very nice and helpful....... :D

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