Scuplting Pinch Confusion!


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Jun 14, 2003
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Am currently trying to master sculpting!

Getting on very well apart from this 'pinching' business. :confused:

I know it creates more of a curvature to the finished nail but where exactly do you pinch and at what point? Is it while you do the white or pink?

Also for how long do you pinch for?

Is it really necessary?


I am using Creative p&w with their performance forms.
Hey Vanessa,

Did you try my Sculpting tutorial on the site?

Pinching is really just to pull in the sides slightly... over pinching is a very common way to give your client vertical onycholysis as it puts tremedous pressure on the bed (and keeps it there).
I simply apply a little bit of pressure at the 'love handles'... right about where Zone 1 and 2 meet as these are the areas where product seems to 'flow' a bit more off to the sides lending more weight to the area.
The timing for the pinch is a little harder to tell you exactly when as a lot depends on your working enviroment and speed.
You want to apply the pressure during the final stages of the set (too soon and you will gum it up and too late you wont move anything).

Do a search for pinch as I think Antony had some helpful comments too.
Thanks for the advice!

Will look now and hopefully will get this mastered!
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