Semi permanent eyelashes

Hello Ladies & Gents,
I am trained in Marvelash eyelashes- I know they're not the best but I had to go for the cheapest option at the time, I am thinking of training and changing to a different brand-I want one which has a fast setting, strong adhesive and one which has high quality training and lots of aftercare once you have trained. I have enquired about Flirties already (Lou was very helpful) but I am looking around at others too. Any thoughts???
Many thanks,
Toni x


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I really want to do the Flirties course as after some research they do seem the best but the training is just too far. Hope they have one closer soon xxx

Oops!! Ive just read that you had asked the same question earlier on!!! Im also edging towards Flirties I must admit-they seem to be ticking all my boxes at the minute :) x


Ive just purchased a Hollywood Lashes Kit, im in Northern Ireland and a lady is coming over shortly from England to train us. I paid for 2 girls to get trained and she offered to train another free of charge! We've been practising with them and they seem very good quality!


oops should have said the training was £150 per person!


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i trained with flirties last friday and loved it. i trained with louise (loubylou) it was very professional and comfortable on a 1-2-1 basis, maybe if there are a few in your area she would travel and train you all together. I can easily say of all the training courses i have done this was by far the best.

flirties are amazing, well thats in my opinion, i have already done 3 sets since friday and getting better all the time and i have people who have seen the sets i have done calling to make bookings and enquiries. I would def reccomend flirties to anyone. also im sure they do a conversion course that is cheaper than the starter course so just ask lou xx

Thanks everyone for all your help and input. It's a minefield out there - there are so many companies out there all claiming their system is the best....phew... A gal gets tired just researching it!! Think I'm gonna go with flirties.. Thanks all x x