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Hi. I've have just completed a semi-permanent make up course and have been given what i was told, a Nouveau Contour machine. I have attached the photo of the machine i was given.
I have attempted to create the fine line hair line stokes on some friends brows using a 3RL needle (This was the advice of my trainer ) But the needle dose not create a thin line and the colour dose not stay so i am having to go over the same line 6 or 7 times and then all that achieves is an even thicker line!
My trainer has suggested different makes of colours but i tried some and still had the same result, then i oerded a micro3 needle as i read this was the best for achieving the results i wanted. However the needle would not fit my machine although it was a Nouveau Contour needle! I ordered another one from another supplier and that did not fit too. Both Suppliers said if you have the Nouveau Machine the micro3 needles we supplied you should fit. They both went on to say perhaps the pen i was sold is a fake or cheap so i would struggle to find the correct needles i needed to carry out the work i need to do.
I am so disappointing in my trainer for supplying me with equipment that dose not create the fine lines.
Please can someone advise me on which needles i need to use to create the fine lines easily and do i need to buy a new pen or machine.......i really need advice as i have paid for this course and want to begin work.

Here is the website to the supplier my trainer is trying to get me to use for its equipment and pigments:



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Hi, I have a friend who has the same machine.

Unfortunately it is a Chinese imitation and not a genuine Nouveau machine. However she is quite impressed with the machine considering the cost of it. X


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Too create a fine line you need too use a micro or nano needle. You also need too be very slow and watch your depth as due too the sharpness they can go deeper. Keep just the tip of the needle in the skin and the hairstrokes shouldn't become thicker xxx

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Thats not a Nouveau Machine hun :(
Are you getting your needles confused? A 3 outline makes a thinner line than a
3rl or even thinner still as Nettic says micro or nano but these needles are not for beginners only advanced techs, stick with the needles you have been trained with :)