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Mar 28, 2015
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Hey ladies! I am looking into doing semi perm makeup, I would like to know which company is best to do my training with?...
I have been researching and researching for DAYS! [emoji30]But can't makeup my mind quite yet.
If any of you ladies have done training with amazing companies and felt like it wasn't a waste of money and felt confident afterwards please let me know who they are!
Thank you for your help in advance! [emoji4]
Any advise would be appreciated xx
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I've started my training with natural enhancements and they have been amazing so far! Next week I will have my first full day at their clinic xx
Oh brilliant, I'll check those out.
Thank you xx
Bianca did you do your training? I'm just looking into courses just now and keen for some reviews x
I'm in the States. I did my training with Deluxe Brows. The training was great but now that I've had clients I have more questions and have no immediate resources. Is there a forum on here where others chime in on the Microblading process? Thanks!!! ❤️
I starte my first thread with some Microblading questions and I just joined and can't find where it is, suggestions please :)

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