Shaving after spray tan


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Sep 25, 2010
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Hello, can legs etc... be shaved a day or two after applying a tan without it wrecking the tan? :confused:
It really is best to shave the legs 24 hrs before the spray tan because shaving after having the tan you are more than likely to make the tan look patchy
Personally I tell my clients to shave or wax at least 24 hours before their spray tan appointment. However, it is possible to shave afterwards, but not within the first day.

Most of my clients shave around three days after having the spray tan. I do warn them that this lightens their tan as it has an exfoliating effect, but it shouldn't look patchy.

I myself shave a few days after a spray tan and it does lighten it, but never looks patchy.
Do not wax afterwards though unless you want to remove your tan completely lol!
Thanks J.Victoria :)
Lol, thanks fluffydreams, that's great xx
we say to wax or shave 48 hours before and if you need to shave afterwards, then leave it a few days, then go slow, dont use a razor with a moisturising strip and dont press hard into the skin, just skim the hairs off.

Ah brilliant thanks Tigi! xxx
Try using hair conditioner instead of soap or shaving foam when shaving after you have had a tan applied (after wash off of course). It not only softens the hair but creates a barrier on the skin.
Hadn't thought of that! I'd give that a try
Good advice TanEnvy x

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