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Mar 15, 2011
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Hi Fellow Geeks

Has anyone come across a client who has had shellac applied in America? we had a client today who has just come back from a break in Florida.She is a regular shellac client to our salon who decided to have her nails re-done whilst on holiday.We had a massive problem removing it ! Our standard practise is removal wraps but this failed to work so we resorted to a 40 miniute soak in trays!!! it was welded on !!!she said the therapist kept her hands under the lamp until they were nearly on fire. Our problem is its also on her toes ? we can't stick them in trays! what would you do ?
Shellac would be the same across the board. I have a feeling it probably wasn't genuine Shellac. If it were me, I'd lightly buff the top coat and then soak in wraps. Check frequently to see how it's soaking. You may need to soak longer, but the buffing should help.
It's an American product so no difference in treatment protocols here.

I am in Florida and a lot of NSS jump on the shellac band wagon and just do any old thing and call it Shellac. I had a UK client recently who had gone to a local NSS to have her Shellac redone and then again to me before she came home and it was not Shellac and took an age to come off. When I get a chance I am going to go to the NSS in question and have a peek round.

These NSS just put gel coats on top of everything. It used to be and still is to a degree clients wanting gel nails, they go in asking for this and come out with acrylic with a gel top coat. I guess the same is happening with Shellac.

On the CND website there is a page or link that tells clients what to look out for and avoid cheaters, complete with pictures. I actually printed it and have it on display so that folks know what is what.
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