Shellac lifting?


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Sep 24, 2009
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I have been using shellac and gelish for a little while now. Normally no major problems but... I had a client come in today where on one of her thumbs the shellac had literally lifted. Not just a little chip, proper lifted flap. No nail adhered to the lift, so no peeling nail edge. She is a typist, no medical conditions or allergies. I removed the shellac and we just put on some clear polish as she is going out of town. She told me that normal polish only lasts 3 days max. I dehydrated her nails with scrubfresh before putting on the polish and noticed that they never went properly white and were really shiney again within seconds. Any idea what I could do?
Hi I had the same problem with one of my clients when I first got Shellac.

I think if you get it too close to the Cuticle area and don't leave a very small margine around the nail, It will cause it to maybe lift. My client did have very small nail beds so I think that is why I got too close and maybe I wasn't been too carful.:eek:

I have not had any problems since. I now do a really good job of removing all cuticle and use scrub fresh.

Hope that helps, Other than that not too sure xx:hug:

I haven't had any problems with lifting around the cuticle because I am also very thorough in my prep and am careful to leave a small margin around the cuticle. However I have had one client where it has lifted at the free edge which I was concerned about about as I always ensure to cap the free edge. She is a typist too so this may well have something to do with it. At the end of the day you can't work miracles or control what your clients do with their nails in their day to day life so as long as you have done everything you can at the time of application and have given the best aftercare advise, then there you have done your job correctly.

If it had lifted from the cuticle area I would have said it's due to maybe touching skin but it lifted at the free edge. I keep hearing that you cannot have an oily nail but why would the shine not go after dehydrating the nail?
You could maybe try lightly buffing the nail to rough it up a little and apply nail fresh for excessively oily nail plates.
Do your light bulbs need changing?
Shouldn't do it's a brand new lamp. Could it be a combination of being a typist and "oily" nail plate? Would it help to use some pro bond before the base coat?
I've just had the same thing happen on two nails of my mum. I did them on Thursday with a French (Negligee and Cream Puff) and today one nail has lifted and peeled off from the free edge, and the other has lost a bit of the white tip.

She is a housewife and has her nails in and out of water all day, doesn't wear gloves and is probably rough on her nails when opening boxes etc. Could this be anything to do with why hers lifted?

I made sure to use scrub her nail clean and remove cuticle before application. My lamp has hardly been used, probably a maximum of 6 times so far, so is it my fault this has happened?
Lightly buff the nail surface just to remove the shine and allow the dehydrator to do it's job. On some clients the shine on the surface of their nails does not allow them to dehydrate so just remove it. You don't have to go mad just take off the shine and then proceed as normal. :green:
Ok thanks, new Shellac trial tomorrow so will try this out.
Okay i'll try buffing maybe that will help.
oily nail plate is usualy women of a certain age as menopause and the hrt replacement can make nail plate oily i would prime defo x:idea::hug:
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