Shellac removal & extra layers?


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Feb 10, 2004
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Castleford, West Yorkshire
I had to have a couple of weeks off recently as I broke my elbow :-/
one of my clients had been shellacked at another salon whalst I was unavailable.
She said the lady added extra layers because of her job? To strengthen I'm guessing she meant. Does this make difference am I missing something?
Also I really struggled to remove it, it was the base coat I couldn't get it off...I asked he about the time she had cured the basecoat and she had cured it for 2 minutes, is it meant to be 10 seconds!? Would this make a difference to the removal time?
I'm abit befuddled.
Thanks in advance x
I do extra layers maybe if im doing a diffrent color combo could this have been what it was ? and maybe the client got the wrong end of it ?
maybe the tech wasnt using the full system? theres been alot of talk when techs have not been able to get hold of the base coat and have used gelish , or a thin layer of brisa , maybe this was it?

could you call the other salon and ask maybe ?
Yeah I would put an extra layer on if I was mixing the colours, it was just the coral on it's own.
Could be a different base coat how would you remove gelish? Does it have another remover? It was just not budging lol hope shes not done anymore of them cos I can't get it off haha
Sounds to me exactly like a buff off gel. Maybe Brisa as they couldn't get hold of a Shellac base. No amount of soaking will remove a buff off. Just gently buff to remove or, if the client is having more Shellac leave it and just let it grow off
Just a thought, did she remove the Shellac that you applied or did she just add her application as the extra layers? This would make it more difficult to remove as your original application would have been on much longer now?:)

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