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Jan 2, 2006
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Hi everyone! So sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't seem to find the answer. I am looking to buy the Shellac salon rack with the colours, Cream Puff, Negligee, Tropix, Wildfire, Red Baroness and Rose Bud! Could anyone please tell me which combination of colours they have used to create the french nail on the cover of CND's latest catalogue? Also is Negligee used for a softer white on the french or is that also a colour? Any replies are gratefully appreciated, thank you x
I think the nail on the front of the catalogue is a Custom Blend Liquid and powder enhancement.

Negligee is a sheer pink with a rainbow type irridescent sheen to it. A more cream pink for a French in Shellac would be Romantique.
Brilliant thank you, the nailn the cover is Shellac though it says in tiny print at the bottom :) just love the nail sooooo much lol
oops, I didnt notice that LOL - to me it looks like Romantique and Cream Puff then.
Brilliant thank you x

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