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Apr 21, 2009
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A customer wants to know if you can varnish over shellac and use nail varnish remover?

A customer wants to know if you can varnish over shellac and use nail varnish remover?


The answer really is no because the Shellac is removed with acetone - if your customer used nail varnish removed, even a so called acetone free one, it would cause dulling at the very least.

Why would she want to varnish over the top of it?
Nail varnish remover contains acetone which will start to break down the Shellac. Even acetone free remover contains some acetone.
I have to say that I use acetone every day even wrapped around thumb nail to get down sides. Nothing has happened not even dulling. In my experience it needs the time to soak through
I've noticed the same with Scrubfresh. Maybe just a teeny bit of wear at the free edge. Although, on Monday I was using D.Solve in the same way and it practically just wiped the Shellac off one of my nails. Just goes to show how fast that works.
Can my client varnish over shellac and use nail varnish remover?

I assume the client is asking because she is wanting to fill in the 'growth gap' after a couple of weeks with a layer of normal polish so that she can go on for longer between her appointments for renewing the Shellac and having to pay for it??

Well... she CAN. There is nothing to stop her. But if she removes the polish it may affect the Shellac and on the other hand it may not as the remover will not be in contact with the Shellac long enough to do any damage. I wouldn't be encouraging my clients to do it as I know exactly why she wants to and that would reduce my business.
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Hi I to have got Acetone on my shellac nails and it hasn't dulled the nails at all :) my niece put nail varnish over hers on her holiday because she wanted to change the colour to match her outfit and took it off with acetone free remover and her shellac nails stayed shiny :)
Is this a new client that hasn't had shellac before?
Just wondered as one lady I have after her first shellac she bought one of my polishes to try to match the color I didn't think much of this till she came back for her re-shellac and said she had bought it to cover over any chips and hadn't needed it as the shellac didn't chip,

I had toled her it wouldn't but I guess she didn't want to listen lol
I put french shellac on my nails for everyday but if I'm going somewhere and want a bit of colour I just polish over them for the night then remove it with non-acetone nail varnish remover afterwards and the shellac is still perfectly shiny underneath :) it's also handy if you get a bit of polish on your nail while you're doing a client's nails - it just wipes off :)

The remover I use is Cutex Non-Acetone Remover (rubbish stuff from boots)

I even used it as a temporary substitute to wipe off the inhibition layer of my Shellac as it contains isopropyl alcohol and it worked perfectly. I'm using the proper stuff now though :lick:

I think it's one of the perks to using Shellac, being able to polish bright red / black or whatever for a day then just wiping it off the next day to reveal a perfect french without having to re-varnish!!

Hth :hug: x

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