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Aug 19, 2010
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Hi All,
I received my new CND lamp today and followed all the instructions of applying Shellac.
Prepped the nail, scrub fresh, basecoat thinly applied, cured for 10sec, colour thinly, cured 2 mins x 2, top coat thinly, cure for 2 mins, wiped off with dsperse.
My nails felt quite rubbery, I could dig my nails in them and I have peeled them off what am I doing wrong ?
Also is the basecoat supposed to cure as it was still wet after 10 sec cure. tried it for 2 mins as well and it was still wet is it normal.

Please help !!!!!!
I've been using Shellac since May and I have a feeling that you're either not shaking the bottle before use, or that your application may still be too thick.
I know that 'thin to win' is the way to go, but I have had best results by using VERY sparingly. Also, are you capping the free edge ?
Don't worry, you'll get there..........
Hope this helps. :hug:
the base coat is 10 secs and yes it should still be tacky...the cure times for each layer are on the instructions arnt they..?

when you say you where able to peal it off .. it will peal off it you try hard enough but the idea is that you don't pick them..:)
You don't need to cap the free edge to stop peeling, it is just so it looks better. I think if you actually cap the free edge it could promote chipping as you would be creating a bulge of sorts ( have a feeling that may b stated in a tutorial)
the brush should be swiped across the free edge with every layer
Yup but is for asthetics x
Did you remove ALL the blue plastic lining from inside your new lamp?

And you say you could dig your nail into it? and it felt rubbery, then Maybe your still doing it to thick , it's hard to know from Reading how thin your ment to apply it , try to apply it like you would a normal nail varnish not build any shape or apex , really after the first color coat if it's streaky and uneven that's fine the 2nd coat will fill the gaps .
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CND states in their Shellac Step by Step instructions to swipe acroos the free edge...
You apply a thin layer to each nail surface and extension edge of all five nails, this is for all the Shellac layers. This does not create a bulg or bulbous edge if it's done thinly and correctly.

And remember, SHAKE to wake and apply THIN to win.

Fleuri you said you used your new Shellac lamp today, did you remove all the blue film from the lamp including underneath the top of the removable housing case???? If not all the film is removed you wouldn't get a full cure..... just a thought xxx
Here is a step by step from CND themselves:
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I wasn't saying not do do it i was saying that it doesnt cause peeling if you dont and it should only be a swipe not thick x

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