Show us your bridal nails!

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French of various versions always the popular- loved doing the red over enhancements for a vintage themed bride, always love doing brides such an honour xx



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I love that red! What colour is it? And what is the base colour on the one with vintage flowers? X
Gelish red roses and its romantique shellac loved that colour
Great thread as I'm looking for inspiration! :)
I want to steer away from traditional French and so far I came up with this, also a while ago someone uploaded a pic with stamped white lace instead of white tip - can't find it now but it was lovely :)

(How you guys upload those big photos? I've managed to do it once but I forgot!)


On the front of her wedding album


Some of mine ...



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Ok so it wasn't for a wedding, but it's the closest I've done lol



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I love simplicity and elegance for bridal nails.

I particularly love using opaque products for a total transformation. I have really short nail beds, but I want them to look perfect.

Or nude nails.

Colour if the theme allows but personally I think you can't beat a classic French.

I do a mood board where we can note down colours, pin ideas of styles that my bride likes. We have shapes, colours, natural or enhanced, etc. We play with fabrics and 3d, etc. It's so much fun choosing :D

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Oooops sorry. They're a bit big!
I used the tapatalk app, any ideas how to make them smaller?

Thanks geeks! These see great!


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Oooops sorry. They're a bit big!
I used the tapatalk app, any ideas how to make them smaller?
No idea, but I really love those nails!!
I did this French on an ex nail biter client - whose nails we got to this length with weekly Shellac manicures and lots of Solar Oil. I used Negligee, Cream Puff and then a very pale pink pigment burnished into the tips and a white lace stamp. These are her natural nails. Both the client and I were quite proud of how they looked x
Hey geeks!

My client was a bridesmaid in Malta, she went for lovely pink with nail art to match her dress