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Aug 19, 2004
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I have this sort of tiny skin tag that appeared under my eye about 2 months ago, it gradually grew, its tiny and people don't notice it unless I point it out.
This is the only way I can describe it, at first when it appeared I though it was just a spot but it grew.
Does anyone know about this and whether it wil dissapear as quick as it came or will I have to go to docs to see if I can get it removed?
Your gp may or may not be interested, if it's cosmetic, but you could almost certainly have it removed with advanced electrolysis. The lady I go to charges about £37 for a session but if you have anything else (such as any blood spots, or anything else they can deal with) get them all done at once to make it more economical.
I used to treat milia in the salon i worked.If you find a salon that does advanced electrolysis they will do it for you.Its quick and fairly painless to have done,we used to charge £30 for it.hth
I get skin tags too. They are caused by rubbing, eg around bra strap, at neck, etc. I either just pinch them off if they are really tiny, or tie a sterile thread around them until they dry up and fall off. This is what my doc did. If I pinch them off there is just a little spot of blood. I take care that the area is clean, etc before I begin.

This is what I do, I'm not saying you should do this! I'm sure that mine are skin tags (verified by my doc). My skin tags are in "hidden" places. It's up to me to make sure I don't get an infection, or otherwise damage myself.

You should see your doc who can verify if it is a skin tag or not. He may tie a thread around it or may freeze it off, or may refer you on to a dermatologist as it’s on your face. But before you go “messing” with it, get it checked out.

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